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September 15th, 2012 Federation Meeting Minutes


·         Call to order:  9:15am

·         Roll Call and introduction of guests: completed

·         Presentation of Minutes: accepted as posted

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report: $8554.85    (still owe for banquet)

·         President’s Message:   The first year with new leadership is done.  Overall we did a pretty good job.  We increased qualifier participation approximately 30% and they seemed to run pretty efficiently.  We are aware of some of the areas in need of improvement and will make strides in the right direction.   

o        We will present Gary Morris and Tom Melowitz with a plaque for their help in keeping the Federation running.

·         Old Business: clubs that do not pay past dues or late fees will not be allowed to participate in the qualifiers.

§         In 2013- clubs or anglers not in good standing will not be eligible to fish.  We will send an email blast and a flyer by mail to get this message out.  

o        Update for 2012 banquet- handouts available at the meeting and available on the website.

o        We will hand out conservation handouts at the March meeting for clubs to keep track of their conservation activities throughout the year. These will be turned in at the September meeting to be graded and a Conservation Club of the Year will be awarded at the Banquet.  

·         Conservation Update: Conservation for 2013. Each club is responsible for 40 hours each year. 

·         Youth Update: Dave Bruggman update.  Dave thanked Keith Brooks and his family for all the help with both the Junior tournaments and the High School tournament.  He also thanked Gary Morris and Spokane Valley Marine for sponsoring and supporting the youths going to the Championship.  Dave also thanked the various sponsors that donated and supported the youths.  Dave has contacted Cabela’s and they will be involved and help support the tournaments.  Dave also discussed the successes of our youth anglers this year.

o        Dave commented on researching the support for the youths and tournaments regarding uniforms and expenses.  

·         Tournament Report:  Keith Brooks commented that the qualifiers went well.  We are interested in feedback positive or negative.  Quite a bit of general discussion regarding participation.  We would like to see more participation in the qualifiers and plan on working on increasing the participation.

o        Aaron Christel commented on the last minute move of the Moses Lake location not being a favorable decision. 

o        Dave Bruggman commented on the flow of the tournaments and noted on the improvement.

o        We will plan on having the barge at as many of the WSBF functions as possible.  We will need support moving the barge and we will reimburse expenses to handle this. 

o        The third qualifier on Riffe Lake will be on August 24th & 25th moved up one week from August 31st.  Camping could be an issue.  Please schedule your camping or lodging as soon as possible.  There may be some conflicts with clubs, and we will work through them. 

§         This tournament will run as a 2-day tournament

§         Safe light to 3 on Saturday and safe light to 1 on Sunday with final awards to follow. 

§         Partner pairings on Friday for Saturday and partner pairings on Saturday for Sunday

·         New Business: 2013 Qualifiers- $500 random drawing at final qualifier.  Must compete in all 3 and must be present to win. 

o         March deadline for qualifier entry fees will be the March Federation meeting.   Late fee will be enforced at $50 per team.

o        The third qualifier will run as a 2-day tournament. 

o        Gary Morris and Spokane Valley Marine will support the adults as well as the juniors going back to the national tournaments. 

·         Open Forum:  Jim Lind brought up the discussion of the points system used this year for the qualifiers. 

o        Jim made a motion to bring up the points issue at the November meeting.  We will expect to see a written proposal to be forwarded to the general assembly. 

·         Meeting Adjourned:    12:30pm