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September 13th, 2014 Federation Meeting Minutes



·         Call to order: 9:26

·         Roll Call and introduction of guests:

o        Present new attendance form

·         Presentation of Minutes: accept  minutes  3-15-14 as posted on web

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report:  $9255.90

o        Upcoming expenses will be yearend trophies (appx. $500)

§         Expenses for year end banquet (undetermined)

·         President’s Message: 

o        Russ Baker talked about his need to focus on his business and will be stepping down  as WSBF President

o         Growth of WSBF needs to come at the club level, need more participation and outreach to anglers.


·         Conservation Director:  Discussed possibility of new weigh in equipment including tanks and air station, have scale checked.

·         Old Business:

o        Long Lake & Puyallup are working together for the banquet November 8th Suquamish Casino

§         Long Lake provided information packets on venue and costs

§         Information also to be posted on the web site


o        Grow your club promotion

§         2014 promotion was a success. Two WSBF clubs won prizes for the Western Division.

Borderline won a $500 Cabela’s card, Northend won a $250 Cabela’s card

§         2015 promotions include drawings for a Lowrance HDS 9 Touch, Power Pole, and Federation Angler Series Rod packages for all clubs updated by Jan. 1

§         Federation Angler Rod purchase program also returns for 2015, information available online


·         Youth Update: 

o        Start a budget for youth federation  and or consider raising fees to help grow youth federation

o        Use a portion of the funds received to fund youth programs.

o        Dave Bruggman: Only 11-15yo Youth and H.S. Student Angler Federation programs  for 2015

§         We need to look at options to support the youth.  Much discussion, no solid resolution

·         Tournament Report:

o        2014 giveaway at the qualifiers $700 to Doug Jorgensen and $300 to Mark Maderos


o        2014 State team members are required to attend the banquet and one of the youth events.  Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in a breach of contract and the angler will not be supported by the WSBF (either the high school championship or the junior event either as a boater or helping on the dock)

o        Financial Support for anglers going to 2015 Divisionals

o        $1600 for lodging expenses and $1600 for travel expenses.

§         Based on $50 per angler registered for the 2014 Qualifiers

o        Reminder that travel expenses will be reimbursed once angler obligations are met for 2015

o        This motion was voted in effective 3-15-14

o        2015 Schedule

o        March 21st Meeting

o        April 25/26 Qualifiers Lake Washington

o        Jamboree May 23-25

o        June 27/28 Qualifier Riffe Lake

o        August  29/30 Potholes

o        September 19th Meeting

o        Washington State Open October  3rd & 4th

o        November 14th Banquet East Side

o        Don’t forget boater’s education cards.

·         New Business:

o         Puyallup Hawg Hunters proposal to change Qualifier format to one three day championship event presented by Dez Ruffin.  After much discussion the motion failed to get a second.


o        Popular parts of the proposal were to do away with club prize money as well as do away with giveaways as they do not increase participation and the funds would be better used on State Team and Youth expenses. 


o        Russ Baker discussed hiring attorney to go after former Treasurer on matter of Scholarship Fund


o        Proposal on Roles and Responsibilities of State Team Members. Much discussion, all good guidelines and can be inserted into State Team contract without a vote of Board of Directors


o        Nominations for Club Officers:  Russ Baker stepping down forces changes for remaining year of term


§         Secretary/Treasurer

Currently Gerald Dunn, Dez Ruffin nominated to fill spot if Gerald becomes President


§         Vice-President

Currently Keith Brooks, will need Nominee if Keith becomes President


§         President

Discussed nomination of Gerald Dunn, he was not present to accept or decline

V.P. Keith Brooks will fill the spot if needed

·         Open Forum: 

·         Discussion of Jamboree duties of non TBF clubs. Need to communicate our expectations of their participation and responsibilities


·         Meeting Adjourned:  12:30