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March 24, 2018 Federation Meeting Minutes


·         Call to order:  10:46am

·         Roll Call and introduction of guests:  Clubs Represented , Bruce Boldon (wdfw)

·         Presentation of Minutes:  Posted on website –Accepted as posted on web site (motion)

Dez asked for a motion

Keith Brooks motioned

PJ seconded

·         Gerald is stepping down . (Motion) for Sara Walcker coming in .

Dez motioned to nominate Sara Walcker as the new treasurer

Bob Stiener motioned

Kim Skaar seconded the motion

Vote was unanimous for Sara as new treasurer

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report:

Checking: $3,416.61 (W/SVM $500)

Saving Account $334.80

Pending expenses:  Travel Support to Nationals $1150

New Balance : $2,266.61


Update expense

Jamboree Trophies : $250.00

Jamboree t-shirt : $600.00

Jamboree lodging :$300.00

Jamboree Printing : $300.00


As it stands we are excepting entries from the Qualifiers coming. We also have a Minnkota Fortex 80lb thrust . We also have two units coming in from Lowrance. The account is healthy as it stands and expected to grow.

We talked about doing a raffle for the Lowrance units one at each qualifier events, and the trolling motor as an auction open to the fishing community.

·         President’s Message:  Hernandez talked about himself and promoted Change and Support from all TBF clubs.

Mention about support from for our title Sponsor, Support the people that  support us .

Big thanks to Keith for making the WSBF what it is today.

·         Conservation Director:  Dan Anderson 

 Bob Harriman made a motion in our November Meeting that the federation send a letter acknowledging to the state opposing the suggested changes to our lakes . The letter was submitted to the state on behalf of the WSBF.

Dan gave a summary of what all took place in Olympia regarding the WDFW Rule Simplification Proposal.

We are very proud that we were able to come together as a group and voiced our concerns that impact our state fisheries. It is my honest opinion that of message was well received by the state commissioner.

The bass fishing community came out as a force against the rule change.

Ultimately our message was perceived well and the Rule simplification proposal did not pass.

·         Old Business:

o         By-Law Committee , Nothing New to report

The original Volunteers are Myself, Bob Steiner , Dan Anderson , and Dave Bruggman

We have still yet to set up a meeting time to discuss the changes, My office space is still available.

There are details in the by laws that need to change and be simplified and updated for 2018.

 Extra attention and support needs to be given to our sponsors. They support us and we need to support them. All the raffle prizes and prize money comes from our sponsors.

We need members to talk to their clubs about what would motivate more anglers to fish the qualifiers

 Took break at 12:10

 Meeting called back to order 12:25

·         Guest speaker Bruce Boldon :

Talked about regulations on different lakes, streams, and rivers. He talked about working along with the clubs towards the same goals.

Bruce has invited 15+ members of the WDFW to attend the jamboree and have discussions, voice your opinion and a question and answer about our state fisheries rules, regs, ect.

·         Youth Update: 

o        See Attached letter from Dave

March 31st  > Pot Holes

Moses lake state Championship  May 20th

Banks lake Father day open June 16th 17th

Pot Holes point system finals on Aug 12th


·         Tournament Report:  (Peter Kline)

o        This year will be the first year of the WSBF new tourney Format. 

(Boaters will only compete against the Boaters to qualify for one the six min Boater spots on the 2018 state team . Co-Anglers will only compete Co-Anglers to qualify for one the min six Co-Angler spots on the 2018 state team)

o         This year will also be the first year that the WSBF is allowing single entries into the State Qualifier events. The new entry is being well received in the fishing community and we can expect to see an increase of participation due to the new Changes.

o        We have also changed the entry fee for Co-Anglers down to $200 per angler. We hope that this will attract new and more participation from the Co-Anglers.

 o        TBF nationals will be taking place on April 12th -14th  (Wes Wezenberg & Dez Ruffin )  

o        New tourney lakes selected for 2019 . Chelan > June 29th-30th  &  Pot Holes >  August 24th & 25th 

o        2018 Schedule

·         March  24th  2018  >  WSBF Meeting

·         Jamboree May 26th thru 28th

·         June Washington > 23 rd & 24th

·         August Banks lake > 25th 26th

·         September 15st 2018 > Meeting

·         Banquet /Meeting November 10th 

Attentively banquet to be held at Clearwater casino hosted by Long lake bass club


·         There will be a more detailed boat survey at the Jamboree. 

Duties- Saturday Breakfast – Spokane Valley Marine

Registration – North end

Boat Inspections – Long Lake

Kids Tackle Packs – WBA

Hold Boats Saturday –  Need Help

Hold Boats Sunday –   borderline

Hold Boats Monday – borderline

Adult Casting Contest - Puyallup

Kids Casting Contest – Puyallup

Kids Rods – Banks Lake

Sunday BBQ – Chelan

Raffle – WSBF

Trophies – Kids Casting – Western 

Trophies – Kids Tournament – North End

Trophies – Adult Casting – Western

Trophies – Adult Tournament – IEBC

Trophies – Big Fish – Chelan

Trophies – Perpetual Team - WSBF


We need stuff for the jamboree raffle!!!!!!!!


·         New Business:  


2019  Schedule

March 16th  2019  >  WSBF Meeting

Jamboree May 25th thru 27th

June Chelan > 29th & 30th

August Pot Holes > 29th 30th

September 21st 2019 > Meeting

Banquet / Meeting November 09th 


Need to get confirmation of Banquet


Kim, will be sending Email blast  to all TBF members promoting SVM .


·         Open Forum: 

Kim Skaar has volunteered to take over the TBF monthly newsletter.



Meeting Adjourned at 2:04