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March 21, 2015 Federation Meeting Minutes


·         Call to order: 9:03am

·         Roll Call and introduction of guests:

·         Presentation of Minutes:  read minutes from  November meeting (accepted as posted)

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report:  $5204.56

o        All trophies for qualifiers paid ($135)

o        Room for Saturday pre paid ($243)

o        Rooms for Divisionals reserved (appx. $2700) should be $1600 according to By-Laws –will be paid

o        Travel expenses allotted for anglers to Divisionals ($1600) – no obligation no money

o        Uniforms are on order will be appx.  $1000 (should be $800 according to By-Laws)

o        Travel expenses allotted for anglers to Nationals - $1200

o        We are planning to upgrade our scale and purchase an electronic readerboard - $500

·         President’s Message:  Keith talked about himself

o        Tournaments are a reason for him to have a date planned to go.  Fishes for fun

·         Conservation Director:  Don Randolph

·         Old Business:

o         Scholarship funds – where we at:

§         We wrote a letter to the bank, and have been able to make a little headway.

·         On September 30, 2010 the account was closed - $10,086.47

·         On the same date, there was a deposit into the general checking account for the same amount. 

·         This account (the general checking account) was closed on March 14th, 2012

·         On this date – Gerald opened the current account with a transfer balance of $1322



·         Youth Update: 

o         Dave Bruggman- we will set up a separate savings account

o        3 tournaments

§         Youth State Championship – Lake Washington in April 19th

§         High School Championship – Potholes in May 3rd

§         Moses Lake Junior High School Open – May 16th

§         We need boats for the Youth State Championship

§         We have one High School angler that has received a scholarship for fishing. 

·         Tournament Report:

o        2015 State team members are required to attend the banquet and one of the youth events.  Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in a breach of contract and the angler will not be supported by the WSBF (either the high school championship or the junior event either as a boater or helping on the dock)


§         Any ideas on how to promote participation as non-boaters

§         Starts at the club level

§         We have discussed attempting to merge with B.A.S.S. again, and we are going to attempt a different angle. 

o        2015 Schedule

§         March 21st  Federation Meeting in Ellensburg

§         Qualifier-April 24th&25th- Lake Washington

§         Jamboree – May 23th-25th Banks Lake

·         There will be a more detailed boat survey at the Jamboree.  By supplying this information we will receive give away prizes from Humminbird & Minn Kota

·         We are looking for a creative way to do the National Anthem prior to the tournament.  Any interest by a trumpet player – please contact Keith.

·         Duties-

o        Saturday Breakfast Saturday – Spokane Valley Marine

o        Hold Boats- Saturday - Puyallup

o        Hold Boats- Sunday -

o        Hold Boats- Monday -

o        Kids Casting- Puyallup

o        Kids Tackle Packs- WBA

o        Adult Tackle Packs- WBA

o        Adult Casting Contest- Puyallup

o        Raffle-  WSBF

o        Registration- Northend

o        Sunday BBQ- Chelan

o        Boat Inspections- Long Lake

o        Trophies- Kids Casting - Northend

o        Trophies- Kids Tournament - WBA

o        Trophies- Adult Casting - WBA

o        Trophies- Adult tournament – Inland Empire (need to be confirmed)

o        Trophies- Team Trophies – WSBF

§         Bob Steiner made a motion to eliminate the Team Trophies for the Jamboree – motion passed with a quorum.  Perpetual trophy will stay in place and we are going to talk to Coulee Playland to have the Trophy on permanent display there. 

§         Qualifier-June 27th&28th- Riffe Lake – we will pull the boats out with fish, then anglers go to weigh-in and will go down and dump the fish in the barge which will be tied up at the dock.

§         Qualifier- August 29rd & 30th Potholes Reservoir – out of Mar Don

o        Don’t forget boater’s education cards. 

·         New Business:

o        Keith will be emailing a copy of the tri-fold schedule and sponsor sheet to all club officers

§         New sponsor – Dobyns Rods will be a sponsor for the State. 

·         Will provide 1 rod for each qualifier to be given away for Big Fish –must be in big fish pot

·         Will offer a 40% discount to any member who wants to purchase a Dobyns Rod – contact Dez to order the rod.  Retail from $125 to $375 between 3 lines.  Dez recommends the Champion Extreme line of rods. 

·         In 2016 Dobyns will pay 50% of our jerseys for our qualifying anglers to Divisionals and Nationals.  (Gary from Spokane Valley Marine volunteered to pay the other half)

·         We appointed a sponsor committee.  Their objective is to come up with a sponsor package plan to draw sponsors.  We will come up with Title Sponsors for the Qualifiers, and a qualification process for our sponsors.  They will need to qualify to be on the barge as well as the shirt. 

o        Volunteer club to host the 2015 banquet – East Side - Chelan

o        TBF Member Benefits

o        2016 Schedule

§         3/19 Meeting in Ellensburg

§         4/23-24                Qualifier – Chelan proposed

§         5/28-30 Jamboree at Banks Lake

§         6/25-26 Qualifier – Moses Lake proposed / Lk. Washington as back up

§         8/27-28 Qualifier – Tri-Cities proposed / Banks Lake as back up

§         9/17 Meeting in Ellensburg

§         10/1-2 WSBF Open

§         11/12 WSBF Banquet (West Side)- Long Lake volunteered at this time. 

·         There was discussion to have a different qualifier format

o        1 West Side tournament

o        1 East Side tournament

o        1 Championship tournament with the top 20 qualifiers from each tournament.

§         Championship body of water will not be announced until 2 months prior to the event.

Motion made to lower the expense to $200 for one tournament, championship tournament is free.  As long as the Title Sponsor program covers the reduction in entry fees.  

·         Open Forum:  nothing

·         Meeting Adjourned:  12:37pm