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March 19, 2016 Federation Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes 03-19-2016

o        Call to order: 

o        Roll Call and introduction of guests:  

o        Presentation of Minutes:  Posted on the website – accepted as posted

o        Presentation of Treasurer’s Report: 2016 Budget presented

o        President’s Message:  WebEx meeting is an attempt to save the time and expense of meetings in Ellensburg.

o        Old Business: 

·         Scholarship funds – At this time it appears that the King County Prosecutors Office will not take action against Joe for the theft of funds, stating there is no proof that Joe was the one who actually made the withdrawals. Keith will continue to try to follow up on this. Civil action does not appear to be financially viable, however we will continue to look into it.

·         By-law review committee report. Big effort, completely rewriting the rules to reflect how we actually operate, and make changes to ensure rules can be understood and enforced.

·         Sponsorship committee – New Sponsor commitment contract details, would like help approaching potential sponsors in your area. Dez Ruffin has secured continuing support from Dobyns Rods for 2016 for purchase discount, Big Fish rods, and jerseys. Northwest fishing reports will be sending an email blast out to all 30k of their members that will give them a full lay out of the TBF and the benefits to becoming a member.

·         Member benefits:

              SVM Discounts and support

              Dobyns Rods Discount

              Gill Raingear 25% off through Gerald Dunn

              Power Pole Rebates

              Berkley 25% OFF

              TBF Online store

              TBF falling price auctions

·         TBF Semi Final

All rules available online

               Location and Date / October 1st -2nd Banks Lake

               Club Advancement and Good Standing rules / Club participates in some WSBF function

               Qualifier Advancement vs Club Advancement

Ψ      Qualifier anglers will receive jerseys, financial assistance, and all available State Team Discount offers. Anglers who advance through their club will be responsible for their costs and will not receive any State Team discounts.

·         Motions made by the Banks Lake Bass Club:

Ψ      Proposed by-law change – rewrite bylaw Section 2A to read

Clubs must coordinate with WSBF on all opens / events that conflict with the Federation must                                        either change the event, or whenever not possible submit reason to the WSBF Executive Board for                                         approval and any club that does not communicate with the Federation – will be fined.  The amount of the fine will be determined by the Board of Directors.  There will be exceptions to long term existing Opens and Club functions that will be grandfathered in.

            Vote 8 - 0 in favor of the motion. This will be included in the rewrite of the bylaws.



Ψ      Motion to increase the WSBF Dues from $15 to $20

Vote 8 – 0 in favor of the motion. Dues for 2017 will increase $5.


·         Volunteers to host the 2016 Annual Banquet on the West Side

Bob Steiner volunteered Long Lake Bass Club if no other clubs interested


o        Conservation Update:  Larry Sullivan

The effort to protect the land around Lake Kapowsin has been successful, a 90 year moratorium on development has been established.


o        Youth Update:  Dave Bruggman

May 21st Junior State Championship – Moses lake

May 22nd High School Open – Moses Lake

June 18th High School Open – Lk. Chelan

June 19th High School State Championship – Lk. Chelan


o        Tournament Update:

2016 Schedule

April 23rd - 24th – WSBF Qualifier – Lk. Chelan / Old Mill Park

May 28th- 30th – WSBF Jamboree – Banks Lake / Coulee Playland

June 25th - 26th – WSBF Qualifier – Moses Lake / Cascade Park

August 27th - 28th – WSBF Qualifier – Wallula / Columbia Point Marina Park

September 24th – 25th WSBF Open? 

October 1st - 2nd – TBF Semi Final Banks Lake / Coulee Playland

New scales for 2016 Pro Tournament Scales H20 and 357

Qualifier schedule change for 2017 for easing of conflicts

Edit June 2016: The proposed change to a June Qualifier has been discontinued as it created conflict with North End Bass Clubs Jack and Jill event. The board is currently working on a plan for east side / west side events with a Championship. Details to come.

o        2017 WSBF

March 18th Meeting

May 20st – 21st Junior and HS?

May 27th – 29th Jamboree

June 17th – 18th HS?

June 24th – 25th Qualifier Lower Columbia

July 29th -30th Qualifier Roosevelt

August 26th – 27th Qualifier Riffe

September 16th Meeting

September 23rd – 24th WSBF Banks Lake Open

November 11th Meeting and Banquet East Side

o        Jamboree Duties

Saturday Breakfast – Spokane Valley Marine

Registration – Northend

Boat Inspections – Long Lake

Kids Tackle Packs – WBA

Adult Tackle Packs – WBA

Hold Boats Saturday –  Sound Family

Hold Boats Sunday –  Sound Family

Hold Boats Monday – Volunteers

Adult Casting Contest - Puyallup

Kids Casting Contest – Puyallup

Kids Rods – Banks Lake

Sunday BBQ – Chelan

Raffle – WSBF

Trophies – Kids Casting – Western

Trophies – Kids Tournament – WBA

Trophies – Adult Casting – Western

Trophies – Adult Tournament – IEBC

Trophies – Big Fish – Chelan

Trophies – Perpetual Team - WSBF

o        New Business


o        Open Forum:


o        Meeting Adjourned:  11:28