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March 18, 2017 Federation Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes 03-18-2017

o        Call to order:  9:04am

o        Roll Call and introduction of guests:  

o        Presentation of Minutes:  Posted on the website – accepted as posted

o        Presentation of Treasurer’s Report:  Checking $2193.81 Savings $1200 Waiting on TBF dues           

o        Keith also discussed all of the member benefits available

o        President’s Message:  Keith announced this year will be his final year as TBF President.  He is looking for a potential president to work with this year to smooth out the transition

o        Old Business: 

·         Scholarship funds – Joe Jacoby has passed away, there are no further reasonable options.

·         Copyright infringement settlement. Do not use old logo anymore. The fish we have been using in our logo was an established, copyrighted logo.  We are paying a past usage fee of $3500- and we worked out an agreement to pay this out over time to ensure we are not bankrupt. We have negotiated a 1 year use of this image to clean up and delete any usage of this logo. 

o        Spokane Valley Marine is offering to pitch in $1000 to help cover that expense.  This is greatly appreciated and above and beyond the expectation of a sponsor. 

·         By-law review committee report. Big effort, completely rewriting the rules to reflect how we actually operate, and make changes to ensure rules can be understood and enforced. Work in Progress.


o        Conservation Update:  Reminder that every club has a responsibility to fulfill a conservation requirement every year.  Please contact the board for ideas and recommendations on conservation ideas. 


o        Youth Update:  Dave Bruggman has announced that this year will be his last year as youth director.  He is also looking for someone to work with to take over the position.  There are a number of things in process this year and Dave feels we are at a point of growth.  (Please see Dave’s breakdown of upcoming events and plan for 2017).   The youth program has become financially self-sufficient over the years. 


o        The new High School club is in need of rods and reels- if anyone has anything available please contact Dave to ensure they get to the club to help them get started. 

No more H.S. Divisional, they go straight to the National Championship, in conjunction with the H.S. World Final

Need new Youth Director for 2018


o        Tournament Update: Charity Gates

o        Lake Roosevelt Qualifier- we will be launching out of Spring Canyon

o        Riffe water level- we are not picking a launch site at this time depending on the water levels.  There will be more information once we get closer to the date. 

o        We are planning a few changes with the weigh-in process and the intent is to expedite the speed of weign-in. 

Club volunteers at Qualifiers

o        We would like to ask the clubs to assist with volunteers to help for a couple hours each day for the Qualifiers.  There is a lot that we do and we are asking for help to set up and clean up. 



o        2017 WSBF

March 18 - WSBF Meeting via WebEx at 9:00 am

April 9 - Junior Open on Lake Washington

April 9 - HS Open on Lake Washington

April 22 -23 - Qualifier on Lake Roosevelt

May 20 - Junior Championship on Moses Lake

May 21 - HS Championship on Moses Lake

May 27-29 - Jamboree on Banks Lake

June 17-18 -  HS Father's Day Challenge on Chelan

June 24-25 - Qualifier on Riffe Lake

August 13 - HS Series Final on Potholes Reservoir

August 26-27 - Qualifier on Lake Washington

September 16 - WSBF Meeting via WebEx at 9:00am

October 7 - 8   - TBF NSF at the Dalles in Oregon

October 7-8 -  Fall Team Open on Banks Lake (debate?)

It appears that the first weekend in October is going to continue to be the same weekend for the Semi-Final which conflicts with the Open.  The Federation has lost money to host this tournament over the past couple years, and we are considering cancelling this tournament. 

November 11 - Meeting and Awards Banquet - East Side?

Chelan bass club has volunteered to host the Awards Banquet in Chelan.  He is asking for an Eastside Club to support with the task of preparing for this event. 


o        2018 WSBF

March 17 WSBF Meeting

April28-29 Qualifier

May 26-28 Jamboree

June 23-24 Qualifier

August 25-26 Qualifier

September 15 WSBF Meeting

October 6-7 WSBF Open? Semi Final?

November 10 WSBF Meeting and Awards Banquet.


o        Jamboree Duties

Saturday Breakfast – Spokane Valley Marine

Registration – Northend

Boat Inspections – Long Lake

Kids Tackle Packs – WBA- Charity may have a line on tackle packs for the kids.

Adult Tackle Packs – WBA- recommendation to put any tackle into the raffle. 

Hold Boats Saturday –  Sound Family

Hold Boats Sunday –  Sound Family

Hold Boats Monday – Volunteers

Adult Casting Contest - Puyallup

Kids Casting Contest – Puyallup

Kids Rods – Banks Lake

Sunday BBQ – Chelan

Raffle – WSBF – Reminder that each club is expected to donate something to the raffle.  Please take this information back to your clubs. 

Trophies – Kids Casting – Western

Trophies – Kids Tournament – WBA

Trophies – Adult Casting – Western

Trophies – Adult Tournament – IEBC

Trophies – Big Fish – Chelan

Trophies – Perpetual & Team – WSBF


o        New Business

·         Tournament Format, go back to two weekends, four individual days?

·         Discussion to go back to 2 weekends/ 4 tournament format

·         Discussion was made to have a meeting at the Jamboree to try to make a change in time to plan for permitting process.  We are trying to set up the format for the anglers and be able to control the spending, and hopefully increase the participation.  Clubs please discuss this agenda and present any options to the federation prior to the Jamboree.  We will have a brief presentation meeting Saturday night, and will follow up with a vote to any change on Monday during the awards set up.


o        Open Forum:

·         We need the clubs to keep their club information up to date and accurate on the TBF website.  Club officers are not being updated along with contact information. We can use this information to send email blasts to the club officers as well as all club members. 

·         Bob Steiner approached the topic of a club or angler not participating in the Qualifiers being able to participate in the Semi-Final format.  The plan is to discuss this topic at the national meetings in August.

o        There was a lot of discussion- but more to follow. 

o        Meeting Adjourned:  10:34am.