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Meeting Minutes 3/16/13

·         Call to order:

·         Roll Call and introduction of guests:

·         Presentation of Minutes:

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report:  $7019.41 (8 anglers paid for qualifiers)

o        Still need to support anglers going to Nationals (budgeted $300 per angler)

·         President’s Message:

·         Old Business: 

·         Conservation Update:  we need a conservation director- Steve Hastings made a suggestion to offer a paid entry fee into the qualifiers to entice a volunteer.

·         Youth Update: Do we have a 501(C)3 letter of determination from the IRS- Dave spoke about what he is doing to recruit more youths and get the schools involved.

·         Tournament Report:

o        Discussion of prep for upcoming Qualifier series- launch out of Spring Canyon (sunrise 5:47-blast off 6am

o        Discussion about the number of boaters needing non-boater- extend the deadline to April 1st.  If there are any boaters near that deadline we will discuss at that time. There was discussion about the choices to make between fishing the qualifiers or the other various circuits.

o        Bob Higbee offered the ABA stage for our tournaments- not needed for Roosevelt or Washington but possibly at Riffe Lake.  Bob commented on the value of having the stage at the Lk. Washington tournament and we will look for options to have it there.

o        Divisionals- cover 6 rooms for 5 nights (appx. $2300) + $225 for travel & food per angler.

o        2014 Schedule

§         March 15th Federation Meeting in Ellensburg

§         Qualifier-April 26th&27th- Silver Lake (alt. Lk. Sammamish)

§         Jamboree – May 24th-26th Banks Lake

§         June 28th&29th- Potholes (alt. Roosevelt)

§         August 23rd&24th- Lk. Chelan (alt. Banks Lake)

§         September 13th Federation Meeting in Ellensburg

§         October 4th- TBF Dream Team Banks Lake

§         November 8th- Banquet (West Side)

·         Discussion:

o        Jim Lind discussed the quality of fishing Silver Lake in April

o        Lots of discussion regarding partner pairing for the qualifiers.



o        Jamboree-  May 26th-28th

§         Duties:  reminder that each club must bring a raffle item.

·         Registration: Northend Bass Club

·         Kids Tackle Packs:

·         Adult Tackle Packs: WBA

·         Boat Inspections:  Evergreen & Mt. St. Helens

·         Barbecue: Chelan

·         Big Fish Trophy: Chelan

·         Holding boats for weigh-in:

o        Saturday: Mt. St. Helens

o        Sunday: Puyallup

o        Monday: Sound Family Bass

·         Kids Casting Contest: Puyallup

·         Kids Casting Trophies: ??

·         Adult Casting Contest: Mt. St. Helens

·         Kids Tournament Trophies: WBA

·         Club Trophies(5): ??

·         Adult Trophies (5): Inland Empire

·         Sunday Evening Raffle:  WSBF & all clubs

·         New Business: Presentation of Head-to-Head format for 2014 (handout flyers)  Click for the Handout Flyer

o        Most people seemed to be in favor of this and they will take it back to their club.

§         We are asking for the representatives to have feedback and we will meet Sunday prior to BBQ.

o        Volunteer club to host the banquet 2013 (East side) – Wenatchee & Chelan Bass Club working together.

·         Open Forum:  Steve Hastings brought up having a conference call set up for the meetings.  We will do research to see if this is possible and have this available.  Possibly see if Tom can set up something on the website so anglers can watch and hear the meeting going on.  More research to follow.

·         Meeting Adjourned:  Meeting adjourned at 11:06am.