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March 15th, 2014 Federation Meeting Minutes


·         ·         Call to order:

·         Roll Call and introduction of guests:

o        Present new attendance form. Explain filling it in. 

o        Show a copy of the letter that will be sent via email outlining the fine due to lack of attendance and participation.

o        Make sure feed is working for webcam

·         Presentation of Minutes: read minutes from 11-9-13

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report:  $2674.12 with expenses paid for anglers going to Nationals and jerseys have been paid for. 

o        Bob Steiner urged us to pursue the Scholarship Fund money.  Where is it and how do we access it.  There was a suggestion to pursue legal action. 

·         President’s Message: 

·         Conservation Director:  Don Randolph

·         Old Business:

o        Offer all anglers that have their entry fees and paperwork in by March 15th an additional ticket into the end of the year raffle for prize money.

o        All anglers registered at the Jamboree for a club must be verified by a club representative or they go into the non-club team.

o        Ideas for trophies? We spent close to $500 for the trophies we handed out. 


·         Youth Update: 

o        Start a budget for youth federation  and or consider raising fees to help grow youth federation

o        Use a portion of the funds received to fund youth programs.

§         We need to look at options to support the youth. 

·         Tournament Report:

o        2014 giveaway at the qualifiers to be $700 and $300 to be randomly drawn.  Dollar amounts will be awarded based on finish (higher finisher gets $700 lower finisher gets $300)

o        2014 State team members are required to attend the banquet and one of the youth events.  Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in a breach of contract and the angler will not be supported by the WSBF (either the high school championship or the junior event either as a boater or helping on the dock)

o        Bobby Forster made a motion to have it written into the contract that the angler signs the contract stating that they will be reimbursed for their travel expenses up to the established amount based on breakdown,once their completion of obligations is met. Hotel expense is still covered up front by the Federation

§         We had a quorum present and was voted on: passed unanimously 

§         Bob Steiner made a motion to amend Article 14, rule 4 to state the above motion.

o        The federation will be purchasing weigh-in bags and tournament banners to be available for sale next year during the tournament season.

o        We are looking at aeration tanks to have at weigh-ins to help preserve our fish. 

o        We are in need of non-boaters to fill spots in the qualifiers.

§         Any ideas on how to promote participation as non-boaters

§         Dez Ruffin made a suggestion that a first time non-boater pay a reduced entry fee by $100

§         Bobby Forster made a suggestion that we team the boaters and non-boaters up and they fish as a team for a combined total weight.  Boaters fish against boaters, non-boaters fish against non-boaters.   (Type up a motion and send to Bobby for approval) include the advantages of being a TBF member.


o        2014 Schedule

§         March 15th Federation Meeting in Ellensburg

§         Qualifier-April 26th&27th- Long Lake in Spokane (Nine Mile Falls)

§         Jamboree – May 24th-26th Banks Lake

·         Duties-

o        Hold Boats- Saturday-  EWU

o        Hold Boats- Sunday-EWU

o        Hold Boats- Monday-EWU

o        Kids Casting- Puyallup

o        Kids Tackle Packs-  WBA

o        Adult Tackle Packs- WBA

o        Adult Casting Contest- Western

o        Raffle- WSBF

o        Registration- Northend

o        Sunday BBQ- Chelan

o        Boat Inspections- Wenatchee Valley

o        Trophies- Kids Casting – River Runners (confirm)

o        Trophies- Kids Tournament- WBA

o        Trophies- Adult Casting - WBA

o        Trophies- Adult tournament – Inland Empire

o        Trophies- Team Trophies – Spokane Valley Marine (confirm)

o        Big Fish Trophy- Chelan

·         Nick Barr asked if the EWU could put on a separate Big Fish Option Pot at the Jamboree to be a fundraiser for the club.  The payout would be 60% so based on an 80 man field would pay out $380 for first and $100 for second each day.  Okayed



§         Qualifier-June 28th&29th- Lake Washington (Gene Coulon park)

§         Qualifier- August 23rd & 24 Lake Chelan

o        2015 Schedule (proposed)

o        March 21st Meeting

o        April 25/26 Qualifiers Potholes (Tri-Cities as a backup)

o        Jamboree May 23-25

o        June 27/28 Qualifier Riffe Lake (Lk. Washington backup)

o        August  29/30 Banks Lake (Roosevelt backup)

o        September 19th Meeting

o        Washington State Open October  3rd & 4th

o        November 14th Banquet East Side

o        Don’t forget boater’s education cards.

·         New Business:

o        Power-Pole TBF Program

§         30% rebate for State Officers and State Team Anglers

§         20% rebate for Club Presidents & Vice Presidents

§         15% rebate for  Club Tournament Directors, State Representatives

§         10% rebate for Standard Club Members

§         Volunteer Club to host the banquet- Long Lake & Puyallup will work together

§         Grow your club promotion- see the flyer

·         Keith read the offer to the members.  This is on the TBF website

·         Open Forum: 

o        Dez Ruffin asked for an opinion of the general membership regarding Russ Baker fishing in the qualifiers. 

·         Meeting Adjourned:  12:19pm