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March 16, 2019 Federation Meeting Minutes

TBF meeting minutes
March. 16th 2019
Meeting commence 9:12 am
10 min break 11:00 am
11:22 back in session
  • Roll call:
  • Tony Steiner Long lake
  • Mike Bowdler Long Lake
  • Tyler Walcker Chelan Bass club
  • Dan Anderson Conservation Director
  • David Parnicky Borderline
  • Dusty Kinsey Evergreen
  • Troy Roberts WBA
  • Grady Chapman WBA
  • David Russel Northend
  • Conservation
  • Presidents message:
Keeping it simple and support the people who support the TBF.
  • Old buisiness
Disscused in depth the inappropriate actions that took place at last years semi final between a male Washington angler and a female Oregon angler, and what we can do to put something in place to protect anglers in the future
  • Talked about jamboree and club rolls.
  • Youth
  • Troy Roberts nominated and voted in.
  • High school championship May 18th and 19th 2019
  • Youth account has 3,760.00
  • 1 in every 10 student angler teams can advance to semi finals.
  • Possible open event to send 1 in 20 student angler teams to semi finals.
  • Troy would like to form a committee within the clubs to get more youth participation and also for help at the tournaments and to help him find support and awareness.
  • We all feel Troy will do a great job.
  • Treasurers report
  • Total bank account 5,524.25
  • Proposal for national semi final qualification change
  • Discussed the new change to make the Jamboree the avenue to qualify for the semi final event.
  • Vote to dissolve the qualifier series.
  • Clubs will still be allowed to send anglers based on members.
  • Motion on the floor and seconded by Dave Russel
  • Voted in unanimously
  • New format to commence immediately, 2019 Jamboree will also be the event at which to qualify for the semi finals.

Meeting over 12:43

$250 dollars short from our sponsor 2018 youths travel.