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Meeting Minutes 11/9/13

·         Call to order: 9:00am

·         Roll Call and introduction of guests:

o        Make sure feed is working for webcam (no webcam for this meeting as there were no requests

·         Presentation of Minutes: read minutes from 9/14

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report: 

o        Travel support for anglers going to nationals or divisionals will be based on number of anglers that fish in the qualifier tournaments.  Each entry fee will be broke down in the following fashion based on a $300 entry fee:

§         Chris Bedwell presented a proposal to define the breakout of the entry fees and how they are dispersed for the anglers.  (see attached)

·         There was lots and lots of discussion

·         Chris Bedwell made a motion seconded by Bob Steiner regarding the breakdown of entry fees.  Motion passed unanimously.  

·         President’s Message:  nothing prepared as of now.

·         Conservation Director:  Welcome Don Randolph as our Conservation Director.

·         Old Business:

o        We have not received any input for what clubs have done for their yearly requirements.  Please remember this is a WSBF requirement of 40 hours of conservation per year. 

o        There was discussion about moving a qualifier to the fall (September or October) –

§         Too much competition in September with the championships of other circuits

o        Jim Lind made a suggestion to remove the Friday off limits for the qualifiers to make it an official pre fish day. 

§         Lots of discussion on this issue.  Of course Roy had issues, but most discussion was in support of the change.  Chris Bedwell made a motion to remove the off limits through the week and set Friday as an official pre-fish day.  Seconded by Bob Steiner – motion passed 7 to 1

o        Raise qualifier entry fees to $330 (additional $30 to cover park expense at Long Lake and then camping and launch is included for this tournament).

§          We spoke with Gary Morris about researching a generator to be available for anglers to charge boats.

§         We will be camping and launching out of 291 Recreation Area on Long Lake.

o         Discussion about the number of boaters needing non-boater- extend the deadline to April 15th.  If there are any boaters near that deadline we will discuss at that time. There was discussion about the choices to make between fishing the qualifiers or the other various circuits.

o        Jim Lind brought up a discussion of consistent hours for tournament days.  Whether it is a set start time and weigh in time or a set number of hours.   This needs to be discussed considering the 2014 2-day format. 

§         There was discussion- and the issue was not supported. 

o        Jim Lind brought up a discussion of guaranteeing a number of back seaters for our state team whether it is a number of spots.  Please discuss with your clubs.  This needs to be discussed.  Generally the backseaters do not spend the time or money to pre-fish for a tournament.  Guaranteeing the backseat spots could bump boaters that put the back seaters on fish or patterns. 

§         There was discussion – and the issue was not supported. 



·         Youth Update:  Dave Bruggman

·         Tournament Report:

o        Discussion about the number of boaters needing non-boater- extend the deadline to April 15th.  If there are any boaters near that deadline we will discuss at that time. There was discussion about the choices to make between fishing the qualifiers or the other various circuits.

o        2014 Schedule

§         March 15th Federation Meeting in Ellensburg

§         Qualifier-April 26th&27th- Lake Sammamish

·         Gary Morris pointed out how this weekend is opening day and could affect participation for our Qualifiers.

§         Jamboree – May 24th-26th Banks Lake

§         Qualifier-June 28th&29th- Long Lake in Spokane (must rent entire park)

·         We will be renting the 291 recreation area for anglers to camp.

§         Qualifier-August 23rd&24th- Lake Chelan

§         September 13th Federation Meeting in Ellensburg

§         October 4th & 5th -  Banks Lake Open (Friday official pre-fish day)

§         November 8th- Banquet (West Side)

·         Keith asked for opinions or interest in the Dream Team format.  Very quiet and doesn’t seem to be any interest. 

·         New Business:

o        List of commitment options for state team members

o        Offer all anglers that have their entry fees and paperwork in by March 15th an additional ticket into the end of the year raffle for prize money.

o        All anglers registered at the Jamboree for a club must be verified by a club representative or they go into the non-club team.

o        Ideas for trophies? We spent close to $500 for the trophies we handed out. 

§         Below is carryover from September meeting

§         We will have 2 wine tours available at the banquet for daytime activities and they have already acquired 12 wine baskets for the raffle.

§         2014 giveaway at the qualifiers to be $700 and $300 to be randomly drawn.  Dollar amounts will be awarded based on finish (higher finisher gets $700 lower finisher gets $300)

§         2014 State team members are required to attend the banquet and one of the youth events.  Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in a breach of contract and the angler will not be supported by the WSBF (either the high school championship or the junior event either as a boater or helping on the dock)

§         The federation will be purchasing weigh-in bags and tournament banners to be available for sale next year during the tournament season.

§         We are looking at aeration tanks to have at weigh-ins to help preserve our fish. 

·         Open Forum:  Bob Steiner asked for people’s input with what they are doing with the new permit fees.  A lot of clubs are doing things to go around the new state laws.  We need to point out to the state that they are just hurting themselves.   He pointed out that we have to unite to have some leverage and a voice with the state.  Who do we contact in government that has a voice to support us.  Don Randolph and Russ Baker will work together to initiate a line of communication with Bruce Baker. 

·         Meeting Adjourned:  motion to adjourn at 11:59am.  Seconded by Don Randolph and agreed. 

                                           Attached - Proposed Changes


Proposal 1:  Change Article XIV Rule 4 – Federation Team Expenses

            Current: Federation Team members who qualify for the Divisional Tournament shall be provided an advance payment of funds to compensate for individual expenses that shall be determined based on the following guidelines: Mileage and motel allowance will be based on team members traveling in pairs (boater and non-boater); mileage allowance based on actual estimated gasoline cost, divided by two; motel allowance based on actual tournament site cost, plus any overnights required for travel, divided by two; daily expenses will be $30. per day per member, to include travel days (pro-rated for partial travel days). Uniforms shall be obtained and distributed free of cost to all team members. Advance travel allowances shall be provided team member no earlier than two weeks prior to departure for tournament. If any team member chooses not to travel in pairs or stays with family or alone and thus causes another team member to travel and stay alone, that member shall receive only the $30 daily expense allowance with their mileage and motel allowance transferring to abandoned team member. (As Amended September, 1999)


Proposed: Support funds will be determined by the following breakdown of entry fees paid by anglers (based on entry fees of $300)

                8.33% or $25 towards price money for clubs

                8.33% or $25 towards the prize money for the anglers

                8.33% or $25 towards travel expenses for anglers going to Nationals

                16.66% or $50 towards travel expenses for anglers going to Divisionals

                16.66% or $50 towards lodging expenses for anglers going to Divisionals

                8.33% or $25 towards angler jerseys for anglers going to Nationald and Divisionals

66.64% of every $300 goes back to supporting anglers.  The fewer anglers we have, the less money we have to give to support our anglers moving on.  ($200) percentages rounded to nearest dollar. 



Proposal 2:  Change Appendix 2 – tournament rules item 1A – off limits

            Current:  Will follow all TBF Inc tournament rules with the following exceptions:

a. Off-limit period of 5 days prior to each tournament.

b. Daily limit will be 5 fish


Proposed: Tournament waters will be off limits from Sunday at midnight the weekend before the scheduled tournament through Thursday at midnight.  This establishes Friday as an official practice day for the scheduled Qualifier tournament.