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November 10, 2018 Federation Meeting Minutes


9:15 am

  • Roll call:
  • Mike Bowdler Long lake
  • Bob Harriman Borderline
  • Dusty Kinsey Evergreen
  • Dave Bruggman WBA
  • Keith Brooks WBA
  • Gary Morris Spokane
  • Abrian Jones Northend

  • Conservation
  • The State used the live release barge on Banks Lake this last summer to release cokanee. As a result they needed to replace the starter motor at no charge to us.

  • Old buisiness
  • For 2019 the bylaws will be revised by the next march meeting.
  • Bob talked about having guide Books made for all the rolls of the tbf so new board members know the rolls and what they need to do

  • Youth
  • Dave talked about the youth program and the new guy who will be taking over his roll, as he was to step down last year but stuck around till we found the right person to take over his position. The youth bank account will now be incorporated with the TBF account and the funds will be kept in our savings account.

  • Treasurers report
  • Qualifier entry 1,854.00
  • Team jerseys 1,634.83
  • Hotel rooms and dinner 3,475.00
  • Total bank account 4,783.98

  • Proposal for national semi final qualification change
  • Proposed by Gary Morris
  • Oregon sent 40+ anglers more than us to the semi finals
  • National office wants us to eliminate the 12 man team and send a full field based on TBF participation points rather than thru the qualifier series.
  • We have tried to change the qualifiers to grow participation and it has not worked
  • The jamboree is a great avenue to send as many anglers as possible.

  • Other new buisiness
  • Angler conduct and sportsmanship and what is appropriate.
  • At semi finals a complaint was filed against one state member against another but was made 4 hours after the tournament and rules state must be made within 30 minutes of the tournament conclusion
  • Fist time at semi finals that women anglers fished to qualify.
  • Dez told the anglers to respect the females as your own mother, daughters, wife.
  • A female angler made a claim that inappropriate topics of conversations were being said on the boat and she felt very uncomfortable.
  • Conduct yourself in a respectful manner and the conversation should be appropriate and centered around fishing.

12:08 Gary Morris motioned to close meeting.
Meeting concluded.