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November 14th, 2015 Federation Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes 11-14-15

·         Call to order:  9:04am

·         Roll Call and introduction of guests:  

·         Presentation of Minutes:  Posted on the website – accepted as posted

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report:  $2764 (prior to this event) general acct.  $9200 in the
Qualifier Expense Account

·         President’s Message:  Keith talked about why he does this, and it is for a sense of satisfaction and respect for what the Federation stands for and supports.

·         Old Business:  

o        Scholarship funds-  we have received cancelled checks and statements.  We are in the

process of analyzing the data. On Septeber 30th 2010- the account was closed $10.086.47

That was the CD – that amount was deposited into the checking account.  Prior to that, and

after that there were numerous withdrawals that do not fit the business model.  There is a statute of

limitations that may come into play at this point.  We do not want this to go to further discussion

at this time to protect the Federation, we just wanted to provide an update.

o        Keith to discuss changes to the TBF Divisional Format – update to be provided

o        Discussion to follow to choose a body of water for the 2016 Semi Final

o        Clubs in good standing criteria will be monitored and enforced to a stricter level.

§         We want the members to support the clubs, and the clubs to support the Federation

o        We need to ask for volunteers for a by-law committee.  To amend the by-laws to support the changes

to the TBF Semi-Finals format.  Our funding model needs to be re-evaluated to support the changes to support clubs in good standing. 

o        Volunteers for a By-Law Review Committee – Steve Norris, PJ Koshi, Bob Steiner, Ryan Gates, Dez Ruffin.  Deadline will be February 1st to send proposed revisions to the clubs.  All volunteers please take some time to review prior to this gathering.

o        Open nominations for officers

§         Motion made to retain the current positions of officers – 2nd accepted

o        Conservation Director needed- Steve Norris did offer to fill this position and Larry Sullivan offered to assist fill this role. 

§         Larry discussed working with the Fish & Wildlife to protect Lake Kapowsin from encroaching development.

o        Sponsorship committee- Keith will discuss the offer from Spokane Valley Marine (disbursement to be

Determined by the Federation)

§         Who volunteered? (Gerald did not record names in March) Dez Ruffin, Dan Anderson, Chris Bedwell

§         Any volunteers at this time?  Dez Ruffin, Dan Anderson and Ryan Gates volunteered


·         Conservation Update:  nothing to report – Fish & Wildlife used the barge for a Kokanee release

o        Steve Norris & Larry Sullivan will have more in the future

o        Keith offered up the  barge for clubs to use. 

·         Youth Update:  Dave Bruggmann is trying to open an independent bank account for the youth

expenses.  Dave is working separately to gather specific sponsors for the Youth Program.

May 21st  Junior State Championship – Moses lake

May 22nd High School Open – Moses Lake

June 11th High School Open – Lk. Chelan

June 12th High School State Championship – Lk. Chelan

·         Tournament Report: Follow up on club feedback for 2016 schedule

o        March 19th – WSBF Meeting

o        April 23rd & 24th – WSBF Qualifier – Lk. Chelan (conflict with the Big Bass tournament)

o        May 28th- 30th – WSBF Jamboree – Banks Lake

o        June 25th & 26th – WSBF Qualifier – Moses Lake

o        August 27th & 28th – WSBF Qualifier – Wallula

o        Sept. 17th – WSBF Meeting

o        October 1st & 2nd – WSBF Open Banks Lake

o        November 11th & 12th – WSBF Meeting and Annual Banquet

§         Steve Norris made a motion accept the schedule as posted, seconded and passed 8-0

·         New Business: 

o        Steve Norris discussed a motion made by the Banks Lake Bass Club

§         “Any club that schedules an event that conflicts with a TBF event shall reschedule their event if possible with authorization of the Federation.  If not rescheduled, the club shall be fined.

Section 2A of the by-laws

§         Proposed by-law change – rewrite Section 2A

·         “Clubs must coordinate with WSBF on all opens / events that conflict with the Federation must either change the event, or whenever not possible submit reason to the WSBF Executive Board for approval and any club that does not communicate with the Federation – will be fined.  The amount of the fine will be determined by the Board of Directors.  There will be exceptions to long term existing Opens and Club functions that will be grandfathered in”  

·         Open Forum:

o        Banks Lake Bass Club made a motion to increase the State Dues from $15 to $20 to the members.

o        This motion will need to be worked through with the By-Law committee

o        Keith asked for potential volunteers to host the 2016 Annual Banquet on the West Side

§         Bob Steiner volunteered if no other clubs interested

·         Meeting Adjourned:     11:57am