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November 11, 2017 Federation Meeting Minutes


o        Call to order:  9am

o        Roll Call and introduction of guests:  clubs represented

o        Presentation of Minutes:  Posted on the website – accepted as posted on the website

o        Presentation of Treasurer’s Report: $4155 Checking $1584 Savings – Chelan bass club agreed to present back a percentage from tonight’s raffle back to the federation.

o        President’s Message: Considering the weekend, Keith made a special appreciation and gesture to all Veteran’s that have served and thanked them for their service and sacrifice.

o        Old Business:

·         By-law review committee, nothing new to report. Need to address.

¨       Discussion was to get back onto reviewing the current by-laws.  Dez offered up a board room at his place of business and asked for volunteers to support this process.  Volunteers were Dez, Bob Steiner, Dan Anderson, and Dave Bruggman.

o        Conservation Update:  Dan Anderson

·         WDFW “Rule Simplification” – Dan discussed the new changes to the possession and catch limits laws and how that will affect our sport.

¨       Larry Sullivan spoke about our complacency and then the urge to get involved once it becomes a big deal.  He made a statement that once the Feds get involved, it is too late.  We need much more representation at the state level in our defense. 

¨       Current fight is with the Feds and the tribes, not with Fish & Wildlife.  The new law is written to affect rivers and not lakes.  It is important to understand how lakes or impoundments on rivers can affected by the designation. 

¨       We need to focus on the things we can affect change. 

¨       Larry Sullivan suggested that we need to put together a group to attend the meetings and see where the warm water fisheries stand’s in the pecking order along with establishing communications. 

¨       Bob Steiner made a comment that we are talking with emotion right now as well as trying apply logic to an illogical problem (to us).

¨       Bob Harriman made a motion that the federation send a letter acknowledging that we will abide by the rule changes, but we want a voice and to be involved.

·         Motion was seconded by Larry Sullivan

·         Voted on by the attending body- motion carried unanimously.

¨       There was a lot of discussion on this topic for a considerable amount of time.  We urge everyone to get with your clubs, discuss this topic, and send a letter to the state by the 11-30 deadline. 

·         Deadline for comments 11-30-2017

·         Submit online at

·         WDFW Commission meeting 12-8&9-2017

Break 10:20am

Resume 10:30am 

o        Youth Update: Dave Bruggman

·         Dave is stepping down as Youth Director.  Dave has done a fabulous job and he will be missed.  He has offered to support and mentor his replacement. 

·         The youth division is the fastest growing part of the sport nationwide.  Dave feels it is on the edge of exploding. 

·         Troy Roberts discussed a commitment from the Federation to implement more to support the youth chapters.  Possibly, by expecting each club to appoint a youth committee member to keep the clubs up to speed what is happening, as well as requiring them to help. 

·         It is important for the clubs to support the youth, and it is vital to support the youth to make it grow.

·         May 19th & 20th State Championship- Moses Lake

·         June 16th & 17th- on Lake Chelan

·         High School Championship, June 25-30, Florence Alabama

·         Junior Championship, August 8-11 Hot Springs Arkansas

·         Need Youth Director for 2018

¨       Dave talked about a volunteer (Dale Williams) who is interested in taking over the position as he has a son that is actively participating in the youth tournaments.   

o        Tournament Update:                      

·         New format rules and entry fees – payout structure

¨       Keith brought up this discussion to see what input the clubs had- he asked for any input from the clubs.

¨       ** discussion about online or social media partner pairing instead of Friday night meeting?

·         TBF National Championship April 8-14 (Location TBA)

·         2018 TBF Semi Finals likely to increase club participation for larger clubs.

¨       Larger clubs may be allowed to send more than one boat to the semi-final

·         Need New Tournament Director for 2018 

o        2018 WSBF

·         March 17 WSBF Meeting

·         May 26-28 Jamboree

·         June 23-24 Qualifier Lake Washington

·         August 25-26 Qualifier Banks Lake

·         September 15 WSBF Meeting

·         October 6-7 TBF Semi Final Wallula

·         November 10 WSBF Meeting and Awards Banquet (West Side) 

o        New Business

·         Nomination of 2018 Officers:

¨       Youth Director- Dave Williams

¨       Tournament Director-

¨       President:

·         Gary Morris nominated Dez Ruffin- 2nd by Tyler Walcker

¨       Vice President:

·         Dez Ruffin nominated Tyler Walcker- 2nd .  Tyler accepted.

¨       Tournament Director-

·         Peter Kline has accepted the role of Tournament Director

¨       Secretary/Treasurer-

·         Gerald is willing to step down if someone is willing to fulfill the position. 

¨       He will continue in this role until that time.

o        Open Forum

·         Dez made a heartfelt apology to Spokane Valley Marine for the issue regarding the lack of jerseys for the anglers at the semi-final, and the lack of representation of Spokane Valley Marine. 

·         Larry Sullivan announced that Lake Kapowsin has been designated as a game preserve for the next 99 years.  DNR is asking for help to clean the area around to maintain its original state. 

·         Kim talked about today’s events.  We can take part in a wine tour or trap shooting- see Kim at 1:30.

·         Registration for dinner/banquet begins at 6pm.  Dinner at 7pm.

 Meeting Adjourned:  12:20pm