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November 10th, 2012 Federation Meeting Minutes


·         Call to order:  9:07am

Roll Call and introduction of guests: Russ Baker read off the sign in sheet (5 of 8 clubs represented)

o        Mt. St. Helens, Puyallup, and Inland Empire were not present and subject to attached fines.

·         Presentation of Minutes:  accepted as posted

·         Presentation of Treasurer’s Report:  $7186.15

·         President’s Message:   Russ talked about the year we just completed and asked for input from the general assembly about what we can do to improve the Federation.

·         Old Business: clubs that do not pay past dues or late fees will not be allowed to participate in the qualifiers.

§         In 2013- clubs or anglers not in good standing will not be eligible to fish.  We will send an email blast and a flyer by mail to get this message out.  

§         Jim Lind follow up from September discussion- he handed out flyers to go back to the clubs to vote on the change. There was a proposal made by Jim to change the points system of scoring the qualifier series.  There was a quorum present so the following proposal was voted in:

“The points shall be awarded based on the total number of tournament contestants that are signed up to fish the three qualifier tournaments.  If a contestant does weigh a legal fish, that contestant will get a score of 0.  Example: If there are 70 anglers signed up first place will get 70 points, second place will get 69 and so on.  If everyone weighs a fish then last place will get 1 point.”  This replaces Appendix II- scoring Section 2-B.

·         Conservation Update: Conservation for 2013. Each club is responsible for 40 hours each year. 

·         Youth Update:  He then spoke about some future plans and growing the youth next year.  Everybody please do your part to support the youth. He is going to try a couple different things to make sure we have enough boaters to support the youth.   Any questions contact Dave Bruggman 206-919-4933

·         Tournament Report:  Looking for suggestions and criticisms for us as the Federation to improve.  One of the biggest things we have heard is a lack of communication and we have a few ideas of things we are going to try in the future.  Keith gave the proposed dates of April 27th on Lake Roosevelt, May 6th-10th on Potholes for Divisional, Jamboree May 25th-27th on Banks Lake, June 29th on Lake Washington, and August 24 & 25th on Riffe Lake (2 day tournament).  There will a BBQ on Saturday night.  There will also be a $500 random giveaway to an angler that fishes all 3 tournaments.  Keith proposed an option of raising the entry fees to $450 for all 3 tournaments which includes all option pots and big fish paid for all 3 tournaments.   Keith asked for feedback or suggestions or bodies of waters for 2014.  There was also quite a bit of discussion about taking the qualifiers back to 2 day tournaments and there seem to be support.  Dave discussed having an outlet of this type of information to the federation. 

·         New Business: 2013 Qualifiers- $500 random drawing at final qualifier.  Must compete in all 3 and must be present to win. 

·         Open Forum: 

·         Meeting Adjourned:    Meeting adjourned 11:54am.