Meeting Minutes 3/17/12

·   Call to order:  9:09am

·   Roll Call and introduction of guests:  done

·   Presentation of Minutes:  not available from previous meeting

·   Presentation of Treasurer’s Report: $4,137.27 balance with $2,819.39 owing leaving $1,317.88

·   President’s Message: The focus and direction of this meeting needs to be on generating revenue for the state.  We will start by looking at teleconference meetings.  Building communication will build participation.  We cannot wait until September to discuss this.  Russ will set it up and we will go to teleconference meetings. 

·   Old Business: Dan Anderson will be the District 1 representative. 

o Membership is to be handled by each club online with TBF with a December 31st deadline each year. 

·   Conservation Update:

·   Youth Update: Dave Bruggman thanked everybody for their help to get the kids to the National Championship. We are going to try to have a high school championship.   Dave talked about the different things available for the kids and what he is going to try to do.  Gary Morris of Spokane Valley Marine volunteered to pay the anglers airfare back to the national tournament… Thank you Gary Morris & Spokane Valley Marine.

·   Tournament Report: April 28th Qualifier on Lake Washington

o Russ discussed the need to increase the qualifier entry fees from $225 to $300 for all 3 tournaments, immediately and all in attendance were in agreement.  This may affect attendance, but we have an obligation to support our anglers that do make the state team and move on. 

o Scholarship tournament:  We will start to put the 20% of entry fees for the Scholarship Tournament to the Youth program to support the kids. 

o Jamboree:  Russ discussed raising the Jamboree entry fees from $10 to $20. 

> Duties

·   Registration: North End Bass Club

·   Kids Tackle Packs:

·   Adult Tackle Packs:  combine the tackle packs and make them the same.

·   Boat Inspections: Youth groups will handle

·   Barbecue: Chelan Bass Club

·   Big Fish Trophy: Chelan Bass Club

·   Holding boats:

o Saturday

o Sunday

o Monday

·   Kids Casting Contest: Puyallup Hawg Hunters

·   Adult Casting Contest:   WBA

·   Kids Tournament Trophies:

·   Club Trophies (5): Evergreen

·   Adult Trophies (5): Evergreen

·   Sunday Evening Raffle: 

o 2013 Qualifiers

> April – Lk. Roosevelt

> June – Lk. Washington

> August – Riffe Lake

> Divisional – May 6th-10th 2013 on Potholes.   Moses Lake is the host facility.

o We will go by and follow the TBF/FLW tournament scoring system (200 points to the winner, 199 for second, 198 for third and so on.  An angler will receive points if he has a recorded weight.  (no weight, no points).

·   New Business:

o Gerald explained his idea of a “Tournament Triathlon” combining fishing, golf, and skeet shooting.  More to follow. 

·   Open Forum:  Bob Steiner asked to see if any club was interested in taking over the Old Farts tournament.  Anybody interested contact Bob Steiner with Long Lake Bass Club

·   Meeting Adjourned:    meeting adjourned 12:00pm