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 Ranger Boat Discounts for WSBF members

Greetings All Washington State TBF Members

This is just a reminder of the benefit that Spokane Valley Marine is offering to all WSBF members who have been a member for at least one year.

Spokane Valley Marine will give a $500 Rebate to any WSBF member that buys a new

Spokane Valley Marine will also give $500.00 to the WSBF who purchases a new Z model boat from us.

We would like to encourage WSBF members to come out and support Spokane Valley Marine like they continue to support us.  It is because of sponsors like them that make it possible to for us to be a great organization and do what we do.  It is our hope that our members show them some support so that we can continue our long relationship.  

We ask you to support those who support you, the TBF member!



 for more information on Ranger Boats and all of their other brands and services.