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WSBF Youth Director:

Dave Bruggman
19008 78th Place West
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Phone:  206-919-4933

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Washington State's First High School Fishing Club


Potholes Series Final - August 13, 2017

Eddie Smith & Tanner Hammond 
  15.53 lbs  First Place
Austin Redding & Madden Tobeck 
14.05 lbs  Second Place
 Dawson Pudelko & Brayden Liebe 
13.78 lbs  Third Place

Potholes Winners

 Madden Tobeck & Austin Redding
Tournament Series High Points
Drake Ofsthun & Blake Williams
Tournament Series Big Fish
Trevor Huff & Wade Wilkens
2017 High School State Champions




Dad’s boost weights at Washington’s High School Father’s Day Challenge

Dad’s made the difference over father’s day week end tournament series challenge on Lake Chelan,  Eight teams and Dad’s showed up to the two day tournament that had the high school teams competing on Saturday for High school series points and scholarship funds.

Points were on the line for Washington’s Student Angling tournament team of the year along with tournament series big fish team of the year. Lake Chelan did not disappoint as a small mouth factory with pre spawn, spawning and post spawn fish that made for some great fishing, along with warm days and winds that held off until early afternoon.

Drop shot seemed to be the most productive method for the day, but some teams caught early limits on top water walking a spook,  swim baits & tubes worked for other teams to help cull up throughout the day.

All the teams brought fish to the scale, but a couple of teams made the weigh in close by ounces, Saturday’s high school team competition had Braydon Liebe & Dawson Pudelko at the top with a winning weight of 13.99 lbs of smallmouth, followed closely by second place team Blair Peters & Brandon Buetler with 13.57 lbs. Third place went to Blake Williams & Drake Ofsthun with 12.97 lbs, followed by Cole Tabert & Isaiha Garza 11.71lbs, Jordan Gregory & Tate Webb 10.35lbs, J.T. Long & Nathan Beardall 10.19 lbs,  and Pearce Johnson & Carson Yancey with 7.40 lbs but managed bring in a 3.96 lb small mouth for big fish of the day.

Sunday was day two and father’s day which had all the dads fishing with the teams for a father’s day challenge,  with some nice plaques and bragging rites for the winning team,    The weigh in weights jumped up a notch as the dads had a rod in their hands and a place in the front of the boat. For sure it had to be the dads who made the difference; at least they would say so.

Blair Peters, Brandon Buetler & dad Mike Peters topped all the other teams with a weight of 15.99 lbs and a 4.85 lb big fish of the day to top off their win. Braydon Liebe, Dawson Pudelko and dad Ray Liebe finshed second with 14.56lbs, J.T.Long, Nathan Beardall and dad Steve Long finished in third with 14.27 lbs, followed by Cole Tabert, Isaiha Garza and dad Santos Garza 11.83lbs, Pearce Johnson, Carson Yancey and dad Ryan Johnson 11.35lbs, Jordan Gregory, Tate Webb and dad Scott 10.90lbs, Blake Williams, Drake Ofsthun and dad Dale Williams 9.23lbs, Eddie Smith, Tanner Hammond and dad Ed Smith 8.45lbs.

A great father’s day weekend was enjoyed by all who participated, the championship points series will end in August on Potholes Reservoir to determine tournament angling team of the year & big fish angling team of the year along with some scholarship funds.

 Second Place Team
Brandon Buetler & Blair Peters
 First Place Team
Brayden Liebe & Dawson Pudelko
Third Place Team
Drake Williams & Drake Ofsthun
Tanner Hammond & Eddie Smith   Ray Liebe, Brayden Liebe & Dawson Pudelko   Steve Long, J.T. Long & Nathan Beardall
Brando Buetler, Mike Peters & Blair Peters Carson Yancey & Pearce Johnson Big Fish Team
 Pearce Johnson & Carson Yancey 3.96 lbs
Scott Gregory, Jordan Gregory & Tate Webb Blake Williams & Dale Williams  Isahia Garza, Santos Garza & Cole Tabert
 Winning Team
Blair Peters, Mike Peters, Brandon Buetler



Washington’s Junior & High School State Championships held at Moses Lake.

      Five Juniors and Twenty six High school Student Anglers converged on Moses Lake to compete for Washington State bragging rights as the 2017 State Bass fish High School team Champions and the Junior State Bass fishing Champion. Both will be headed to National Championships to be held later this summer.  High School Champs will be headed to Pick Wick Lake at Florence Alabama June 27th to July 1nd.

     Juniors will compete on Lake Wateree South Carolina in conjunction with the Forest Wood Cup event to be held in August.  Juniors took to the water on Saturday with weather conditions improving and the fish moving up on beds. Jordan Gregory came out on top this year with a winning weight of 12.12lbs and big fish of the tournament a 3.55lbs large mouth.  Blake Williams who was last year junior champ fell just ounces short to repeat with 11.75 lbs. Third place Carson Yancey who was also a past junior champ weighed 7.68lbs for third place , Tate Webb finished fourth with 7.19 and youngest competitor, eleven year old Charles Hill finished 5th.

     Sunday’s weather had improved with sunny skies and calm conditions as the High school teams again made things interesting at the weigh in. Trevor Huff & Wade Wilkens took top team honors with 19.00lbs even, with a close second of 18.96lbs by Blake Williams & Drake Ofsthun, Third went to Austin Redding and Madden Tobeck with 18.75lbs. Huff & Wilkens also weighed big fish of the tournament with a large mouth weight of 4.75lbs.

      $1200 of Scholarship funds were issued to the top three teams. Sponsor donations and grants offered to the top three teams of $1200 are offered at all four High school tournaments this year.  Student Angler Federation members can accumulate certificates throughout high school and are redeemable upon enrollment in college or trade school within a year of High school graduation. Thanks to our generous sponsors. Cabela’s, Spokane Valley Marine, Lake City Western Vigilantes, Three Rivers Marine, St Croix rods, Limit out Marine, Pot Holes Bass club, Long Lake Bass Club. Jon’s N.W. Outdoors, Sniper lures, Big Hawg Baits, The Prop Shop.

Fourth—---------Mathew Milatz & Joshua McGill ------------18.63lbs

Fifth--------------Brayden Liebe & Dawson Pudelko-----------17. 43lbs

Sixth—----------J.T. Long & Robert Owen-----------------------16.50lbs

Seventh—----------Jordan Gregory & Tate Webb-------------16.19lbs

Eighth--------------Adam Luoto & Parker Patching------------15.03lbs

Ninth------------Brayden Tomlinson & Brandon Johnson—14.34 lbs

Tenth—--------Blair Peters & Brandon Buetler---------------12.07lbs

Eleventh—--------Eddie Smith & Tanner Hammond--------11.73lbs

Twelvth-----------Tanner Boday & Pearce Johnson----------10.64lbs

Thirteenth-----------------Cole  Tabert & Isaiha Garza---------9.16lbs

Junior Pictures

Blake Williams - 2nd Place Jordan Gregory - 1st Place Charles Yancy - 3rd Place

High School Pictures

First through third Place Teams
Austin Redding & Madden Tobeck
Third Place
Trevor Huff & Wade Wilken
First Place
Blake Williams & Drake Ofsthun



April 9th Lake Washington
Junior & High School Team Open Results

The first tournament of the year for both juniors and High School bass teams took place on Lake Washington, leading up to the State Bass Fishing Championships on Moses Lake May 20 & 21st. It will be followed by high school team tournament series at Lake Chelan in June and finish at the Pot hole in August.

Nine high school teams and three junior anglers took to the water under good weather conditions after two days of heavy winds and cool temperatures.  The fish were pre spawn and the weather turned favorable with just a breeze on the water.  Juniors struggled but managed to have one bring in a good small mouth bass for first place and big fish honors along with trophies for both, Pearce Johnson finished on top of just three juniors with a 3.55 lb. small mouth.  New comers Riley Maas & Charles Hill finished second and third respectively, both were unfamiliar with the lake and plan on making a run at the state championship on Moses Lake on June 20. Special thanks go to Steward Squires of the WBA club who volunteered to boat for the day with all three juniors, whom he said were the best of sportsman fishing together.

On the high school side, nine teams showed up to start the high school tournament series that will culminate at the pot holes in August for the points series championship, along with angling tournament team of the year and big fish tournament team of the year.  High school team new comers Austin Redding & Madden Tobeck finished first with a mixed bag of largemouth and small mouth to finish in first place with a weight of 14.87 lbs.  Second place went to Mathew Milatz & Joshua McGill who brought in another nice bag of fish with five small mouth that tipped the scale at 13.02 lbs. Followed by third place Blake Williams & Drake Ofsthun who finished third with 12.22 lbs and big fish award with a 5.55 lb small mouth.

Another thank you goes out to Troy Roberts weigh master & tournament director of the WBA who volunteered to set up and run the weigh in, who help to make it all run smoothly.

Thanks to both volunteers, we will be looking for any additional volunteer boaters for the state championship on Moses Lake, juniors need a couple of boats for Saturday May 20th, it will be their last tournament of the year and the help would guarantee the kids could fish. Contact Youth Director.

Teams that followed in order of placement

4th  Adam Luoto & Jack Childers---------------------9.46 lbs

5th Trevor Huff & Wade Wilkens--------------------5.16 lbs

6th Blair Peters & Brandon Buetler-----------------2.00 lbs

7th Brayden Liebe & Dawson Pudelko-------------1.71 lbs

8th Jake Hopkins & Zeke Almonds------------------

9th Eddie Smith & Tanner Hammond--------------

Pearce Johnson - First Place
Riley Maas- Second Place
Charles Hill - Third Place
High School - Winners
Austin Redding & Madden Tobeck
  High School - Second Place
Jack McGill & Matt Milatz
  High School - Third Place
Drake Ofsthun & Blake Williams
Steward Squires
Boater for the Juniors
  Troy Roberts
Setting Up the Scales
  Drake Ofsthun & Blake Williams
with the Big Fish
Drake Ofsthun & Blake Williams
Big Fish Plaques
  Jack McGill & Matt Milatz
with their Fish
  The Participants



2017 High School Tournament Team Series.  ($5,000 in SCHOLARSHIPS)


Presented by




1. State Champions will go to National Championship   1. Lake Washington April 9th 
2.  4-Tournaments (one- two day tournament)    2. Moses Lake State Championship  May  21st
3. $25.00 membership   (Join club on web site)    3. Lake Chelan Father’s Day Challenge June 17 & 18th
4. $150 per team entry covers all tournaments  4.  Potholes point series final  Aug 13th
5. Teams need to fish all four tournaments to be eligible for High school Angling Team of the year, team trophies and awards.   ($1,200--- scholarship to the winning team)
6. Scholarships for 1st, 2nd, 3rd based on number of entries.                    INFO: ON WEB SITE   (  
7. Trophies for all tournaments.                                                                  (HIGH SCHOOL HEADING)
8. 1st, 2nd 3rd   place team trophies.                                                             DETAILS ON TOURNAMENT FLYERS
9. Separate Trophy for High School Big Fish Angling Team of the year. (Total accumulated big fish weight of all four tournaments.)
10. Trophies to boat drivers (Dad’s) who compete on Chelan’s Father’s Day tournament weekend.
11. Separate Trophies for State High School Team Championship.
12. For every 10 teams at the state championship tournament, we will send one team to the National Championship...( 30 teams compete, we will send the top three teams)


  1. Will be the highest points standing of all four tournaments.
  2. Will receive $1200 scholarship for winning team (Donated by Cabela’s)
  3. Will receive Tournament series Angling Team of the Year Trophies.
  4. Paid entry for both Team members to the Adult State qualifiers for the following year.
  5. They will need to join a TBF adult club to be eligible.
  6. Under age high school or youth winners will have the following year tournament entries paid.
  7. Each team member will also receive a St. Croix rod.


  1.  Will receive Washington State High School Team Championship Trophies.
  2. Will be the top team from Washington to travel to the National Championship.
  3. Will receive 1st place scholarship team payout
  4. Will receive travel stipend to National  Championship     


  1. Will receive Tournament series Big Fish Team of the year Trophies.                   
  2. Each team member will also receive a St. Croix rod.




Past Years Results