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2019 TBF President First Address to all TBF Members:

HAPPY 2019 Everyone !!  I am wishing all TBF members and Family a very safe and blessed year

I mainly just wanted to sit down today and take the time to send out some content to all of our TBF members as to what The TBF Board has been up to thus far and our plans for 2019 .

I was recently invited down to Nixon Marine to speak to the Mt Saint Helen Bass club group regarding reestablishing their clubs membership with the WSBF.  They haven’t been members of the TBF for over 4 years now and a few of their members expressed that maybe the time is now to rebuild those relations with the WSBF.  We had a great in depth discussion that revealed some minor concerns and miscommunications that derived from dealings with the previous TBF Boards.  The overall consensus felt that being a part of an organization like the WSBF would help both groups in having a louder voice in our Bass fishing community.  Therefore, after a healthy, informative, and positive discussion with the group we concluded with the vast majority (99%) of the club members wanting to become WSBF members again.    I would like to thank their club President Philip Martin for stepping up and reaching out to us.

As I have expressed from day one of my role as the WSBF President our efforts and actions are centered around supporting those that make it a point to support the WSBF.  I honestly feel like 2019 will be the year of increasing TBF memberships at the club level and lessening the requirements for qualifier events requirements from the members. The 2019 Jamboree is expected to yield one the biggest turnouts compared to previous years due to the New TBF Semifinal advancement opportunity that will be offered at the Jamboree this year. 

I hope that your club reps that have attended our WSBF meetings have explained and communicated our game plan for elevating our State Qualifier Series events that typically take place in our state each year.   For those TBF members that haven’t made it to a WSBF meeting lately:  The National TBF office is pushing all states to end “ THE 12 MAN STATE TEAM STATE MENTALITY” approach . The Semi Finals events are designed to get the full advancement from the state TBF members from State Held Events and also by direct advancement from all TBF Bass Clubs.  Therefore they don’t want us to limit this opportunity on state levels by only establishing a capped 12 man state team.

We feel that because the Jamboree draws the majority of our state TBF Club participation along with friends and family,  that this event will allow the WSBF to advance between 30-40 teams directly the Semi Finals.  Even the anglers that are not TBF members will be counted as “participation anglers” in which would allow us advance many teams this year.

This year the Semi Finals is taking place on the Hood River in the state of Oregon in October on the Hood River. (Hosted by the Oregon TBF group for 2019)

The pros:

1.  Lessen the expense of anglers fishing multiple events like (State qualifiers)
2.  Lessen the travel for all Tourney anglers though out the fishing season
3. More TBF members from our state will have a chance to be Crowned Top Boater & Co-Angler from our state
4. The Funds that the WSBF generates each year will allow our bank account to easily stay within our annual budget  projections.  For the past two years our state has “lost Money” by having state qualifiers due to low turnout /support.
5. With not having the state qualifiers , Tourney anglers have an oppertunnity to fish other completing events around the state with the worries of conflicts  with other tourney Groups.

1)      The cons:

1. There will not much state support for the anglers advancing the semi finals in October. We typically pay for Rooms, State team Jerseys , Trophies, Banquets , ect.   Every advancing Boater will have to pay your own entry fee of $200 and  Co-angler & $100 to complete in this event.
2. I made a promise to Bob Steiner that our current board will not stop our having our Annual Year End Banquet.  We simply just need redefine what will take place at the banquet.  Some of my thoughts center around acknowledging the TBF clubs/Sponsors  that have made some major contributiions and support for the WSBF thoughout the year .


In Review:

I have asked all TBF members and Clubs to help us spread the word of the changes coming in 2019 . However I would like to see as many TBF members come out to our First WSBF Meeting on March 16th     (LOCATION AND EXACT TIMES WILL BE POSTED ON THE WSBF WEB SITE SOON ( I AM STILL WORKING ON SECURING A SOLID LOCATION))

We are in the process of changing the culture of our WSBF organization.  I think it is necessary that you the TBF members are present to express your feedback and Concerns with our Board.  I personally have the responsibity of making important decisions that directly impacts all of our members statewide therefore I would appreciate TBF members being present as we continue to move forward with our business affairs.  I plan on visiting a few more clubs over the next couple of months to discuss the new changes coming from the WSBF.   I also will seek to gain feedback from TBF clubs by discussing ways in which they can help support the growth and support of our state TBF Memberships.

New 2019 topics thus far:

I would like to wish the very best of luck to DAVE KROM & DUSTIN KINLEY as they will be representing our State at the 2019 TBF Nationals event taking place on Kentucky Lake. Both anglers are super excited about attending the event and they are making it a point to as prepared as possible for a strong finish.


Here is the updated Factsheet for the CAST for Kids NW Gala on February 23.  Thanks for spreading the word!


Jay Yelas

Executive Director

C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation

PO Box 317, Lincoln City, OR 97367


Enriching the lives of children with special needs, supporting their families, and strengthening communities through the sport of fishing.”


This is a great opportunity to come out a do some good in the our community!!


In Closing:

I wish everyone the Best of luck this fishing season.  Thank you for helping keep our organization strong and healthy.  We are nothing without our members.  Every TBF members’ voice counts in WASHINGTON STATE.  Also Thank you to our awesome state TBF Board Members for the ongoing support in 2019.

Dez Ruffin (WSBF President)