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Change Log

7/31/21 Home Larry Williams passed away
6/11/21 Jamboree Included Ken Rundle's day 2 weight
  Home "
6/4/21 Jamboree Kim Skaar added to the anglers fishing the TBF NSF list
6/2/21 Home Changed the number of anglers from 8 to 7 for tri cities.  The min divisor is 10 per cclub
6/2/21 Jamboree Change the club name from River Runners to Long Lake for Matt Worland
6/1/21 Jamboree Corrected Linda Louie's Sunday weight and Bobby Forster's name and Sunday weight
  Home "
5/31/21 Jamboree Jamboree Results Posted
  Home Jamboree Info on Home page
5/26/21 Home Added Kids Casting info
  Jamboree Added scoring download info and Kids Casting info
5/24/21 Home Posed the Jamboree Hours etc
  Jamboree Posed the Jamboree Hours etc
4/2/21 Home Posted the Zoom meeting details
3/11/21 Home posted the April 3rd Board Meeting Info
3/5/21 Board of Directors Changed Troy Roberts email address to
  High School "
  Juniors "
2/25/21 Board of Directors Changed Troy Roberts email address to
  High School "
  Juniors "
2/13/21 Home Added 2021 HS Series Info
  High School 2021 - 2022 HS Series Info amd EMF
  2021 HS Medical Form 2021 2022 Emergency Medical Form as a PDF
2/5/21 Home Added 2021 events that are scheduled as of 2/5/21
10/7/20 2020 TBF NSF Results Results Posted
  Home TBF National Semi Final Results Posted
9/18/20 Home  
  High School  
  HS Championship - Moses  
7/16/20 High School Added no off limits for POTHOLES
7/15/20 Home Added a link to the changed HS Schedule
  High School Posted the changed 2020-2021 Schedule
7/1/20 High School Added the 2020-2021 Washington High School Series Bass Fishing Battle
  2020-2021 PDF File 2020-2021 Washington High School Series Bass Fishing Battle  as a PDF
6/15/20 Youth Updated Troy Roberts' address
  High School Posted the June 7th results and Updated Troy Roberts' address
  Home Posted the HS Championship Champs picture
6/8/20 High School Updated Troy Roberts' address
6/4/20 Home Details about the June 7 HS Championship
  High School Details about the June 7 HS Championship
4/17/20 Home Message from the president and postponement of the Jamboree
3/19/20 Home March 21st HS Championship postponed
  High School March 21st HS Championship postponed
3/18/20 Home Added the message from the President
  High School  
2/24/20 Home Changed the Sept 27-28 event to 2020-2021 High School State Championship
  High School Chaned the Mar and septevents to State Champiopnship
  TBF Emergency Med Form Updated the Medical Form
2/20/20 Home Updated the front Page with The High School Tournament dates
  High School Updated then HS Page with 2020 schedule and links to the 2020 forms
1/9/20 Home Added the 2020 Schedule to the Front Page
9/5/19 Home Sept 14 Meeting cancelled ... will be rescheduled
  Scheduled Meetings Sept 14 Meeting cancelled ... will be rescheduled
8/20/19 TBF Semi Final Email Removed phone numbers and email addresses per DEZ's request
8/19/19 Home TBF National Semi Final Info on the home page
  TBF Semi Final Email The TBF National Semi Final from DEZ
6/6/19 Jamboree Results Completed the individual results  ...... Pictures next
  Home Posted the top finishers and Dave Krom picture on the home page.
  Officers Removed Peter Kline as the Tournament Director
6/1/19 Jamboree Results Jamboree Results - no pics or individual standings
5/8/19 Home Added the link to the Youth Page which had inadvertently been deleted in the past
  High School Replaced Dale Williams with Troy Roberts as the Youth Director
3/31/19 Events Added the Lake Chelan Open Info
3/21/19 3/16/19 Meeting Minutes Posted the Meeting Minutes
3/13/19 Events Added the flyer for the Jack & Jill Tournament
3/6/19 Officers Added the particulars for Troy Roberts
  High School The 2019 HS Championship
  Junior Program The 2019 Junior Championship
2/28/19 Events Added the Mt St Helens May Tournament on Silver Lake
2/22/19 Home Added the Location info for the March 16th meeting
1/21/19 Home Added the Dez's picture and message
  President's Message Message to members
1/16/19 Home Added the Info for the February CAST for Kids Event
12/13/18 Bass Clubs Updated Columbia Bass with the info sent by Greg Jager
12/7/18 Home Added the HS Championship to the 2018 Schedule
11/27/18 November Meeting Minutes Posted the minutes from the November Banquet
11/19/18 Home Added the 2019 Planned Schedule
  Meetings Added the 2019 planned Meeting dates
  Events Added the 2019 Schedule
10/23/18 2018 TBF NSF Posted the Results
10/12/18 Home Added the 2018 Banquet info
  Banquet Info PDF File PDF file with the Banquet Details
8/28/18 Home Added the September Meeting Info
  Meeting Minutes Added the address for The Summit Pancake House
8/27/18 Qualifiers Final 2018 Results -
  Banks Qualifier Results Banks Results - with pics
  Home Added the 2018 State Team Picture
8/22/18 Qualifiers Corrected the Co Anglers Points
  Washington Results Corrected the Co Anglers points
8/12/18 Home Added the Banks Lake info
  Qualifiers Added the Banks Lake Info
6/27/18 Home Added the Qualifier Results to the Home Page
  Qualifiers Standings after the two Washington Qualifiers
  Washington Results Posted the 6/23 and 6/24 Lake Washington Results
6/19/18 Home Added the Collage - Thanks to Frank Chang
  Banks HS Qualifier Added the Collage - Thanks to Frank Chang
6/18/18 Home High School Results on Home Page
  Banks HS Qualifier Posted the results
6/14/18 Home Featured the 2018 HS Championship
6/13/18 2018 HS Championship Posted the 2018 HS Championship Results
6/4/1 Jamboree Results Added day three weights for John Thrasher & Dan Russell which were previously missing
5/31/18 Jamboree Results Added the Jamboree Pictures
5/30/18 Jamboree Results Posted the club results
5/29/18 Jamboree Results Posted the Individual jamboree results
  Home Jamboree results
5/15/18 Ranger Discount Page Replaced the Ranger Discount Page with that which Dez sent to me
5/13/18 Home Jamboree Info posted on the home page
4/24/18 Youth Added the May Championship Info
4/4/18 HS Potholes Open Results from the 3/31 Potholes high School Tourney
3/30/18 Home Revised Flyer info on the home page
  Qualifiers Revised Qualifier info on the Qualifier Page
  Qualifier Flyer Revised MS Word Qualifier Flyer
3/27/18 2012 Qualifier Pictures Removed Pictures of Gates and Wezenberg because of logos
  2013 Riffe Qualifier Removed picture of Keith Brooks because of logo
  2013 Washington Qualifier Removed pictures of Free, Doucett, Baker, Ruffin and Gates because of logo
  2014 Chelan Qualifier Removed picture of Gates because of logo
  3/24/18 Meeting Minutes Posted the 3/24 Minutes
3/7/18 Home Changed the 6/22 Driver's meeting to Coulon Park from Coulee Playland
  Qualifiers Changed the 6/22 Driver's meeting to Coulon Park from Coulee Playland
3/1/18 Officers Added a picture and email address for Sara Walcker
  Bass Clubs Changed Kim Skaar's address for Chelan
2/28/18 Home Added the March 24h meeting location, added 2018 Qualifier Info
  Meetings Added the March 24h meeting location
  Qualifier Entry form  
2/12/12 High School Added the High School Flyer Schedule
  Youth Updated the youth page for 2018
2/10/18 High School Added the High School Flyers
2/9/18 Home Changed the next meeting date to 3/24
  News "
  Officers Added Sarah Walcker as SEC/TREAS. added particulars for Tyler and removed Abrain as Youth
2/1/18 News Added the Mike Albertson Memorial Open
1/30/18 Home Updated the Hs and Junior Events
  News Updated the Hs and Junior Events
1/28/18 Home Changed the June 16-17 HS Qualifier from Chelan to Banks
1/10/18 News Corrected the Lake Washington Qualifier date
  Home Corrected the Lake Washington Qualifier date
1/6/18 Officers Youth & Tournament Directors
  News 2018 Schedule Update
  Home 2018 Schedule Update
  November Meeting Minutes 11/11/17 Meeting Minutes
  Meeting Minutes 2018 Meeting dates and on
1/2/18 Bass Clubs Added address and phone for Mike Kukjanowicz
12/29/17 Bass Clubs Mike Lukjanowicz is the new Northend President
  2017 Lowrance Fulfillment Added the2017 Lowrance Fulfillment Page - the link is on the Lowrance picture on the lower left of the home page
12/5/17 Home Corrected the Lake Washington Qualifier date.  Thanks for the the text from John McHenry
  News "
11/22/17 Home Changed the front Page with new officers
9/30/17 High School Results August 13 Potholes Results Posted
9/19/17 9/16/17 Meeting Minutes Posted tghe September 16th Meeting Minutes
9/13/17 Home Added 2018 Scheduled Events
  News Added 2018 scheduled Events
9/9/17 TBF National Semi Final Added 2017 Info
  NW Divisional Final NW Divisional in 2016 - now National Semi Final
  Fall Team Open on Banks 2017 Fall Team Open Info
9/7/17 Home Removed the Washington Qualifier Results
  Qualifier Results Corrected speling error and Washington Results for Douglas
8/28/17 Washington Results Added Sunday Pictures
8/27/17 Washington Results Posted the results and pictures ( Saturday only ) for the Lake Washington Qualifier
  Home Washington and angler of the year results
  Qualifier Results Final Qualifier Results
8/19/17 Sponsors Added Thrasco as  a local sponsor.  Inserted new Logo for Coulee Playland
8/11/17 Updates from 6/29 to 6/15 Reapplied the updates from 6/15 to 6/29 explained below due to Hostways restoring the site as of 6/7/17.  Hostways experienced some type of problem with the site around 8/3.  Reason unknown?
If you discover a problem please email explaining the problem
6/29/17 Home Used Front Page Pictures from Chelan
  Chelan HS Results Posted the Lake Chelan HS Results
6/27/17 Qualifier Standings Corrected the Standings after 2 Qualifiers
  Banks Results Corrected Banks Results
6/26/17 Riffe Qualifier Results Posted the Riffe Results
  Qualifier Standings Standings after Riffe
  Home With Riffe Info and links
6/24/17 Jamboree Added the Monday Pictures
6/19/17 Jamboree Added the Sunday Pictures
6/15/17 Sponsors Removed all local sponsors except: Spokane Valley, Coulee Playland, KGM, Fisher Bros, Doybns, Pro Tournament Scales -  Replaced TBF/FLW Logo
  Jamboree Added the Saturday Photos
  Bass Clubs Removed Mt St Helens and Districts  Replaced TBF/FLW Logo
  Officers Removed the Tournament Director and changed the Conservation Director to Dan Anderson Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  Conservation Changed the background and the Conservation Director to Dan Anderson  Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  Home Changed the local sponsors  Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  Meeting Minutes Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  Membership Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  News Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  NW Divisional Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  Sponsors Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  Qualifiers Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  High School Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  TBF Championship Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
  Youth Replaced the TBF/FLW logo
6/7/17 Qualifiers Indicated that the Riffe Qualifier is going out of Taidnapaum
6/6/17 Home Added the new LOGO
  Jamboree Added Chelan & Bobby Forster Photos which I took off of Facebook
6/4/17 Jamboree Posted the 2017 Jamboree Results - No pictures
  2017 HS Championship HS Championship Results posted
  Junior Moses Results Moses Junior Results posted
4/30/17 2017 Jamboree Posted theJamboree Results - No pictures yet
4/24/17 Qualifiers Standings after Banks Lake
  Banks Results Banks Lake Results
  Home Banks Results info
4/18/17 First Ever HS Club Posted the article from Newport High School
  Home Youth & High School Results posted
  Youth The April 9th Results
  High School The April 9th Results
  TBF National Championship the 2017 Reults - Kevin Higgins advances
4/13/17 Home Changed Roosevelt Qualifier to Banks Lake
  Qualifiers "
4/5/17 Home Krumdiack & Higgins advance to the TBF National Championship
3/22/17 Membership Changed the dues to $20 and changed divisions to National Semi Finals
3/21/17 Bass Clubs Changed the info for Long Lake
3/19/17 3/18/17 Minutes Posted the minutes from Gerald
3/13/17 Home Added a Link to join the March 18th meeting
3/12/17 Qualifiers Updated the Ranger Cup payouts
3/10/17 Qualifiers 2017 Page - need Ranger Cup info
  Qualifier Entry & Rules Rules & Entry Form (PDF File)
3/1/17 News Added links to the Flyers for the Junior Tournaments
2/28/17 Youth Updated the Youth Page with the 2017 Requirements and the flyers and forms needed for 2017
2/24/17 News Added the Chelan Open Flyer & Entry Form
2/17/17 Lake Wash HS Tournament Posted the Lake Washington HS Flyer
  Chelan HS Tournament Fathers Day HS Challenge Flyer
  Moses HS Championship HS Championship HS Flyer
  News Updated the Events and added links to the Flyers
  Home Updated the Events
2/16/17 2/17/12 Minutes Removed old WSBF Logo
  High School Removed Background
  Youth Removed Background
  Qualifiers Removed Background
  2011 Qualifier Results Removed the old logo
2/15/17 High School Made a link to the Potholes HS Tournament
  Potholes HS Tournament Made a Page for the Potholes Flyer
  News Added 3 flyers to members events & corrected the HS info
2/12/17 High School Archieved 2016 stuff & added links to the rules & forms
  2017 HS Rules Added a web page with the HS Rules
  2017 HS Forms Added the entry & laibility PDF forms
2/11/17 High School Posted the 2017 HS Flyer from Dave
2/6/17 Home Changed wording and dates for HS & Junior tournaments
  News Changed wording and dates for HS & Junior tournaments
  High School 2017 HS Tournaments Posted
  Youth 2107 Junior Tournaments Posted
1/27/17 Officers Changed Background
  Sponsors Changed Background
  Sponsor Letter Changed the logo
  2016 Team Open Removed the logo from Charity's shirt
  2016 Jamboree Removed Logo from Dez's shirt
  Meeting Minutes Removed logos
1/17/16 Home Added the TBF NSF date
  News Added the TBF NSF date
  2016 NW Divisionals Added pictures with blurred logo
  2016 NSF Added pictures with blurred logo
12/21/16 Home Added new 24 series HS event announcement to the front page
12/3/16 Home Updated the Youth and HS Dates based on a email from Dave
  News " and updated the Member Clubs / Sponsors events for 2017
12/1/16 By Laws Removed the old logo
  Lowrance Compliance Added Lowrance Sponsor Pictures
11/23/16 Home New Temporary Logo & updated 2017 schedule & added slogan & purpose
  November Meeting Minutes Posted the Meeting Minutes
11/19/16 Home Replaced the WSBF Logo with Washington State Bass Federation
  Conservation "
  Officers Replaced Dezs' picture
  2016 NW Divisionals Removed Pictures
  2016 NSF Removed Pictures
  2014 State Team Removed pictures
10/17/16 Home Added a link to the Fishing University's Make me  Star
  High School Make Me  a Star
10/16/16 Home Removed the TBF Final Info & added the 2017 Schedule
10/8/16 TBF National Semifinal Added the remaining pictures
10/7/16 TBF National Semifinal Added Sunday Pictures
10/4/16 Home Corrected the spelling for Josh Marthaller.
  2016 Federation Banquet Added Banquet Information
  Final TBF NSF Results Corrected the posted weight for Travis Archer, John Davis and Dustin Kinley
10/2/16 Final TBF NSF Results Final Results
10/1/16 TBF Saturday Results Posted Saturday Results
9/28/16 NSF Contestants Preliminary List of Contestants - Not Official Yet
9/25/18 WSBF Open Results Added the Tournament Pictures
  TBF Nation Semi Final Registration, BBQ and Meeting moved to the Banks Lake Golf Course
9/18/16 WSBF Open Results Posted the WSBF Open Results
9/9/16 High School Added a link to the 2016 HS Team Challenge & The final HS Standings, etc
  2016 HS Team Challenge PDF File
9/2/16 Tri Cities Results Added Saturday Pictures
8/30/16 Home Added Dave Griffis' picture to the home page
8/28/16 Tri Cities Results Results from the Final Qualifier
  Final Qualifier Results Final Results
8/22/16 News Changed the date for the Annual Banquet to 11/19
  Home Added a link to the club registration process & changed the date for the banquet to 11/19
  TBF NSF Info Added the club registration process
8/21/16 TBF NSF Fact Sheet Added the Tournament Fact - PDF File
  TBF NSF Info Added the tournament info to the TBF NSF Page
  Fall Open Entry Form PDF Entry Form
  Fall Open Flyer PDF Flyer
  Fall Open Rules PDF Rules
8/15/16 Home Replaced Moses Info with the Fall Team Open Tournament Info
  Fall Team Tournament Added Tournament Particulars
8/10/16 All Changed the tab from October Team Tournament to Fall Team Tournament on most pages
  Fall Team Tournament Changed the date to September 17 - 18
8/5/16 Officers Changed Charity Gates Name & phone #
7/23/16 Home Reset the counter to 35,0000
6/29/16 March Minutes Posted the March Meeting Minutes
6/26/17 Moses Results Moses Lake Results
  Qualifier Standings Standings after Moses Lake
6/25/16 Moses Results Posted Saturday results for the Moses Lake Qualifier
6/24/16 6/18 HS Chelan Open Posted Results
  6/19 HS Championship Posted Results
  Home HS Results on Front Page
6/21/16 Qualifiers Added Qualifier Info
6/17/16 Jamboree The last of the Jamboree Pictures
  HS Moses Lake Open Moses Lake Pics added
6/14/16 Home Added a Marquee asking for boaters for the HS Championship - and Jamboree pictures
  Jamboree Finally added the Jamboree Pictures
6/4/16 HS Point Standings Point Standings after Lake Chelan Open
  NW Divisional Photos Added Pictures from the Divisional
6/2/16 Chelan Results Added Chelan Pictures - Better Late than Never
6/1/16 HS Moses Lake Open Posted the results
  Youth Championship Results
5/31/16 Jamboree Posted the Jamboree Results
5/17/16 Home NW Divisional Results Featured
  NW Divisional 2016 NW Divisional Results
5/11/16 Home 2016 NW Divisional picture of the Washington Team
5/9/16 Youth Championship Flyer new Flyer
4/28/16 News Chelan Open Info and Entry Form
4/26/16 High School Added the Entry Form and Rules for Moses Lake and Chelan opens
  Qualifiers Standings after Chelan
  Chelan Results Results Posted - no pictures
  Home Chelan top Finishers
4/17/16 Home Updated the home page with the 2016 TBF Championship Results
  TBF National Championship 2016 Results
4/14/16 Home Info about the TBF National Championship
  Lake Chelan Info Added Registration and Draw Info
4/12/16 Home Removed comments about the March 19th WebEx meeting
4/2/16 News Posted Planned Dates for 2017
3/30/16 Lake Chelan Info Added Lodging info forChelan -  Thanks Kim Scaar
3/23/16 News Added the Demaris Open from Inland Empire
  High School More Tournament Info  from Dave #3
3/20/16 Home New dates and an indication that the WebEx meeting worked well
  TBF National Semi Final New Page - Link only on the home page- It will replace the NW Divisional Page after 2016
  October Team Tourney New date - still not finalized
  News Date updates just like the home page
  High School New High School Format for 2016
3/6/16 Home Added HS  info and March 19th Meeting announcement
  Qualifiers Added Revised Ranger Cup Money
2/23/16 Home National Semi Final Info
  National Semi Final "
2/18/16 HS Lake Chelan Flyer New Flyer
2/17/16 High School Added Flyers for Chelan & Moses Lake and corrected the date for the championship boat check - added liability and entry forms
2/15/16 2016 Ranger Discounts Made a Ranger Boat Discount Page
2/11/16 News Added the Chelan Open
2/10/16 Qualifiers Updated rules and entry form from Keith
2/9/16 Home Changed the email address to Washington for contact us on the lower right
2/5/16 Youth Added a new Join a Junior Club ( PDF File)
1/25/16 News Added HS Events
  2015 Qualifier Results 2015 Results Page
  Qualifiers 2016 Page
  2016 Qualifier Entry Form Added  the 2016 Entry Form
  2016 Qualifier Rules Added the 2016 Rules
  Join a HS Club Form Make Checks Payable to WSBF
  2016 Youth Page Re did the Youth pages
1/24/16 Bass Clubs New President for WBA PJ Koshi
  High School Added content for the State Championship
  News Added the June 18 HS Open & "of the TBF National Semi Final"
  Home Added click here for Lowrance & Minn Kota Ads & indicated that Oct 1-2 would either be a Team Open or the National Semi final
1/23/16 High School Removed 2012 - 2015 Results to new pages.  Added Events and dates, added sections for each of the 2016 Tournaments, added a new Join a club PDF form.  I'll add the info for each tournament shortly.
  2015 HS Results New Page
  2014 HS Results New Page
  2013 HS Results New Page
  2012 HS Results New Page
1/13/16 2016 Power Pole Discounts Discounts for Member.  The link is on the Home Page under Federation News
1/8/16 Join a HS Club Form New for 2016 - Link is on the HS Page
1/4/16 Home Added Spokane Valley Marine Boat Info
12/31/15 Home Added the New Junior Dates and TBF Tournament Flow
  Youth Added New and 2016 Join a club
12/20/15 Home Updated the 2016 Schedule with TBF Championship, HS Championship and TBF NW Divisional
12/17/15 News Updated the News Page for 2016
  Bass Clubs Added Banks Lake Bass Club - they switched from BASS to TBF
12/16/16 More TBF Semi Final Info More information on the New Semi Final Program - the link is under News
12/11/15 Revised By Laws Added  a page to get either a PDF or MSWord version
11/21/15 Officers Added Larry Sullivan as the new Conservation Director
11/14/15 Home Added HS & Junior Info
  9/14/15 Meeting Minutes Posted the Meeting Minutes
  Officers Added Charity Howe as Tournament Director
10/30/15 Bass Clubs Added Jeff Bitzer as the President of Northend - Thanks John McHenry for the info
  Home Added a link to the WSBF Facebook Page and the Auction for the Fire Victims
10/24/15 Home Add a link to the TBF Announcement
10/22/15 Home Banquet Page
  Lowrance updated
10/11/15 Lowrance Added a Lowrance Page
10/5/15 WSBF Banks Open Posted the Open Results - No pictures yet
9/23/15 Youth Added Spotlight on Boat Captain from the Cast for kids
  Sept Meeting Minutes Posted the September 20th meeting Minutes
  Home Highlighed the up coming WSBF Banks Lake Open
9/18/15 Entry Form Updated
  Open Flyer Updated
  WSBF Banks Open Updated
9/15/15 Entry Form Updated the Entry Form & made it a PDF File
  Open Flyer Updated the 2015 Team Open Flyer
  2015 Awards Banquet Awards Banquet Info     MSWord
9/1/15 Home New Pics - potholes and Angler of the Year
  Qualfier Standings Final Year End Standings
  Potholes Results Potholes Qualifier Results Posted
8/20/15 Home Added Minn Kota & Lowrance Adds & The Pro Scales Link - removed state records
8/15/15 Qualifier Info Posted the headquarters change to Lind Coulee
  Potholes Qualifier Posted the headquarters change to Lind Coulee
6/30/15 Home Added top 20 and McDaniel's picture
  Riffe Results Posted results
  Qualfier Standings Standing after Riffe
6/29/15 TBF Championship Added the 2015 Washington TBF Results
  Bass Clubs Changed the phone # for Mark Mrzena ( Puyallup )
6/27/15 Home Removed Riffe Meeting info at the bottom of the page
6/23/15 Home Riffe Meeting info at the bottom of the page
  Qualifier Info Added a link to the Riffe launch info
  Riffe launch Info Riffe Launch info
6/1/15 Jamboree Posted the Jamboree Pictures
5/29/15 Jamboree Added the team results
5/26/15 Home Updated for the jamboree - Divisional Results Pictures
  Jamboree Posted the Individual and kids casting results
  NW Divisional 2015 NW Divisional Results Posted
5/22/15 High School Posted the 5/16 Moses lake HS open results
5/18/15 Jamboree Added the Draft Program
5/12/15 Moses Lake Rules The link is on the HS Page
5/10/15 HS Moses Lake Entry Form Added the Moses Lake Entry Form - the link is on the HS Page
5/8/15 Sponsors Added Nixon's marine to the Youth / High School Sponsors
5/6/15 Home HS Championship Picture on front page
  High School Posted the HS Championship Results
4/27/15 Lake Washington Qualifier Posted the Washington Qualifier Results and pictures
  Home Washington Qualifier pics
  Bass Clubs Corrected Michale Free's email address
  Youth Corrected the spelling for Trystan
4/23/15 Youth Added a second l in Collin and graduated R.A. Long
4/22/15 Home Pictures of Wallace & Huff
  Youth Championship Results - Pictures will be added later
4/18/15 Home Added Dobyns and Pro Scales to the local supporters gif
4/15/15 High School Added the 2015 Sponsor Gif
  Youth Added the 2015 Sponsor Gif
4/10/15 High School Removed sign up online
4/7/15 Home Added pro scales announcement
  Sponsors added links for humminbird and Minn Kota, Strike King, Big Hawg Baits, Vicious, Pro Tournament Scales, Nixons and Sniper lures.
  News / Events Added links for humminbird and Minn Kota
  High School Added a NEW Championship Flyer (MSWord) and Captain /Boater Registration form -  Pdf -    added 2015 Conference Championship Info
3/27/15 Junior Entry Form Changed the practice day to April 18th rather than May2
  HS Rules Added the 2015 High School Rules and Regs -  PDF file
  Officers Corrected the email link for Dez Ruffin
  Sponsors Added Dobyns Rods to the local sponsors
  Home Added info about Dobyns & Open TBF membership Letter
  Moses Lake HS Open Moses Lake Flyer
  High School Add info about the HS Open  on Moses Lake
3/22/15 3/21/15 Minutes March 21st Meeting Minutes
  Home Removed meeting Notice and added youth request for boats
3/16/15 Sponsors Added web page links for the Youth / HS Sponsors.... KGM Custom Baits not found?
  News / Events Added the Lake Washington Spring Classic ( Hawg Hunters Team Open )
3/15/15 Sponsors Added Dobyns, and Washington National Guard, removed National Guard and alphabetized the list of Youth / High School Sponsors
  High School Made a link to the Sponsors on the Sponsors Page
  Youth Made a link to the Sponsors on the Sponsors Page & inserted theTBF Youth Logo at the top of the page
3/14/15 Home Removed 2014 in Review and Highlighted the 3/21 upcoming meeting
  Bass Clubs Removed Peninsula, Kent, Inland Empire, Wenatchee Valley, and Spokane - they are no longer affiliated with WSBF
  Bass Clubs Added Borderline, corrected info for Sound Family and Mt St Helens
  Sponsors Made a Youth / High School Sponsor Section
3/8/15 Join a HS Team Changed make a check to WBA instead of WSBF on the Join a club MSWord form
3/5/15 2015 WSBF  Team Open Updated the sponsors on thr flyer for the October Team Open
3/3/15 2015 Entry Form Made Corrections to rules from Keith
  2015 Entry Form (Word) Made Corrections to rules from keith
3/1/15 2015 Entry Form Added a Ranger Cup Box
  2015 Entry Form (Word) Added a Ranger Cup Box & corrected Sponsors
  2015 Ranger Cup Info Added 2015 Ranger Cup Payouts
2/27/15 High School Added the HS Championship flyer and a link to a MSWord Version
  Qualifiers Added a link for the rules and entry form both as a web page and word  document
  News / Events Added the HS Flyer
  Home Qualifier Entry Form in recent news
2/24/15 Sponsors Replaced the Evinrude and Power Pole logos with the current Logos
  Home Replaced the Evinrude and Power Pole logos in the Sponsors Logo gif on the upper right
  News / Events Added the Junior and HS WSBF events &  a word flyer for the junior event
  Youth Added a link for a MSWord Flyer forthe 2015 Championship
  High School Replaced the link to join a HS club with a link to the new form Dave sent me.  (MSWord)
2/18/15 News / Events Added the flyer for the Lake Chelan Open
2/15/15 Youth Added the High School News, and new forms to fish the 2015 Championship and also the form to join a junior club
1/25/15 Home Changed the Sponsor & Partner Flashing Gif on the on the upper right for the new & deleted sponsors from below
  Sponsors Removed Chevy, Solar Bat, National Guard & added Humminbird, Power Pole and MinnKota
1/22/15 Home Added FLW & TBF Logos and Links and a Junior Federation news Item
1/1/15 Waveaway Added the Waveaway Funding Opportunity
12/31/14 Home Added the 2014 Highlights to the front page
12/12/14 News / Events Added the NW Divisional Dates
  Home Added the NW Divisional Dates
  2015 NW Divisional Added the NW Divisional Dates
12/2/14 Home Added a Link for the WSBF Face book Page - on the upper right
  Officers New Info for Keith Brooks
11/19/14 Home 2015 Officer Pictures
  11-15-14 Meeting Minutes Minutes from 11/15
  Officers New Officers for 2015
11/15/14 Home Replaced the Banquet info with the state team Picture & added the Junior & HS Events
  High School Added the 2015 Event ( Championship)
  Youth Added the 2015 Championship
  News / Events Added the Junior & HS Events & started the list of Sponsor/Member events
11/13/14 2014 WSBF Open Added Pictures from the Tournament - Again
  Home Minor elimination about the banquet
11/1/14 Qualifiers Made the 2015 page
  2014 Qualifiers Made a 2014 results Page
10/17/14 Home Added More banquet Info
10/8/14 Home Added Pics
  2014 WSBF Open Added Pictures from the Tournament
10/6/14 2014 WSBF Open Posted the 2014 WSBF Team Open results ( no pictures yet )
10/2/14 Home Corrected the 2015 Qualifier Dates from the September Meeting Minutes
  9/13/14 Meeting Minutes September 13th federation Meeting Minutes
  News Corrected the 2015 Qualifier dates and posted the Mickelsen Open
  WSBF Open Rules Corrected the Rules to say 12 inch minimum
9/19/14 WSBF Open Flyer Corrected the dates on the flyer
9/18/14 Home Added links for the October Team open
  WSBF Open Flyer MS Word Flyer for the Open
  WSBF Open Entry Form Entry Form
  WSBF Open Rules Rules
9/15/14 Home Added Banquet Info
  2014 Banquet Banquet info from Bob Steiner
9/5/14 Home Corrected the annual banquet to the 15th of November
9/5/14 Qualifiers Corrected the spelling for Mark Maderos
  Home Put the 2015 Schedule and the 9/13 meeting Notice on the front page
8/26/14 Qualifiers Added the state Team picture
  Chelan Qualifier Added Pictures
8/25/13 Qualifiers Posted the final Standings - yet to be verified
  Chelan Qualifier Chelan results - yet to be verified
  Home top 10 from chelan and top 13 yesr end - no pictures yet
7/6/14 Qualifiers Added the Old Mill Park in Manson, across from the Casino as the Chelan site
7/1/14 Home New Picture for Wezenberg
  Lake Washington Results Added Pictures from the tournament
6/29/14 Qualifiers Standings with Washington
  Lake Washington Results  
  Home Added Lake Washington Info
6/23/14 Qualifiers Added Registration and draw times for Lake Washington
6/17/14 High School Added the HS Conference Dates and Riffe Lake Results
  News / Events TBF , TBF announce HS conference dates and lakes
  Home Added a link for Riffe Results and HS Conference Dates
6/9/14 Home New Local Sponsor/Supporter Flashing Gif  at lower right - Removed Smelly Jelly, Plano, Sun Banks  ---- Added Vicious, Strike King, Big Hawg Baits, Les Schwab, Morgan James, Quick Drops, Anglers Marine and Nixon's Marine and Sniper Lures based upon support provided at the Youth, HS, Qualifier, Jamboree, and NW Divisional.
  Local Sponsors   "
6/1/14 Special Sponsors Completed the Thanks from the 2014 State Team to the Special Sponsors that helped the team in 2014
  Jamboree Added the Jamboree Pictures
5/30/14 Jamboree Jamboree Results  - lot's of pictures yet to post!
  NW Divisional Special Sponsors thanks under construction
  Home Jamboree Results Posted
5/29/14 High School HS Championship results
  Home Flaming Gorge pictures & High School Championship
  NW Divisional Flaming Gorge Results
5/14/14 News / Events Moved the Russ Baker message here
  High School Posted the Moses Lake Results
  Home Moses Lake winners and moved the Russ Baker Message to news
5/14/14 Youth Posted Dave Junior Stare Championship article ( minor editing)
5/12/14 Jamboree Preliminary Info posted for the 2014 jamboree
  Youth Corrected the spelling for the Yancey's and Cully Scroggins
5/8/14 Home Junior State Championship Results on front Page = Valley Marine acknowledgement = Russ Baker memo about stepping down in 2015
  Youth Junior State Championship Results ( no pics yet)
4/28/14 Home Posted the top 10 & Pictures from Long Lake
  Qualifiers Posted Standings
  Long Lake Results Posted Long Lake Results
4/22/14 Qualifiers Nine Mile Falls Update
  News / Events Added the Jack & Jill
4/19/14 All Removed the link to Membership and replaced it with a Direct Link to the High School Page
  News / Events Added a Link to Membership Benefits
  High School Made changes and added forms requested by Dave
4/11/14 Home Put the Federation Championship NW Division Aaron on the home page
4/10/14 News / Events Added the Chelan Open and Big Bass Classic on Potholes
  Big Bass Classic Limit Out Marine Big Bass Classic on Potholes
  Chelan Open Flyer - MS Word
  Qualifiers Nine Mile Falls Boat Ramp Update
3/29/14 Qualifiers Long Lake Spokane Qualifier Info Posted
3/26/14 Youth Added a link to the Jr Championship Flyer
  High School Added a link for the 2014 HS Finals
3/24/14 Youth Made changes based on Dave's email
3/20/14 High School New Join a High School form -  loaded all of the flyers and forms for the HS tournaments along with EMF &  Liability Form
  Constitution New Constitution
  Home Added a Big Thanks to Spokane Valley Marine
  Youth Added info from Dave
  News / Events Added the HS tournaments to the clubs / sponsors tournaments
  March 15th Minutes Meeting Minutes
3/19/14 Home, News & Qualifier Lake Sammamish June 28-29 Qualifier moved to Lake Washington because the State Park is no longer issuing tournament permits in June, July or August
3/10/14 Conservation Added a Doug Hannon Video to the Conservation Page
3/8/14 Qualifiers Added Links for the Entry Form and Rules in WEB Page format
  Entry Form Web Page
  Rules Web Page
3/6/14 Power Pole Discounts 2014 Power Pole Discounts
  News / Events A Link under News
2/27/14 Home Changed the wording for the High School Team Bass Challenge
  News / Events Changed the wording for the High School Team Bass Challenge
  Youth Changed the wording for the High School Team Bass Challenge
  High School Changed the wording for the High School Team Bass Challenge
  Join a HS Club Form New Membership form from Dave
2/26/14 Youth Added Forms need for the State Championship and the links for the forms
  Youth Entry Form 2014 State Championship Forms
  medical emergency 2014 State Championship Forms
  Volunteer Boater 2014 State Championship Forms
  waiver/release form 2014 State Championship Forms
  News / Events Added a Link for the Junior Championship Forms
2/21/14 News / Events Added Members/Sponsors Events to this page
  West Side membership New Youth Membership Form
2/17/14 Bass Clubs Updated the Mt St Helen's info
2/11/14 Officers Changed Don 's Randolph's email address
2/1/14 Home Added the Junior and High School Schedule
  News / Events Added the Junior and High School Schedule
  Youth Added the Junior and High School Schedule
  High School Added the  High School Schedule
1/29/14 Home Changed the wording from 1/24
  State Team Offer Password protected the State Team Offer
1/24/14 Home Added a link for the  state team offer
  State Team Offer Special Offer
  State Team Order Form Special Offer Order Form
  News / Events Added Links for the  Special Offer
1/23/14 Bass Clubs Changed the email and address for Mark mszena - Puyallup
1/6/14 Bass Clubs Corrected the email address for Bob Anderberg and updated the Junior Bass Club
1/5/14 2014 Qualifiers Added the 2014 Entry Form & Rules.  The link is on the Qualifier Page
  Constitution Added the WSBF Constitution to the Internet.  It's a word document.  The link is on the top right on the home page (By Laws)
1/4/14 Home Changed the front page - schedule and welcome picture
  News / Events Updated the schedule to show Sammamish and Long Lake switching dates
  Qualifiers Made a new 2014 qualifier Page - Cabela's cash has been discontinued
1/3/14 Bass Clubs Changed the president for Inland Empire to Bob Anderberg
12/30/13 Bass Clubs Added Spokane Bass Club
12/28/13 Conservation Added Don Randolph on the Upper Right - added the Silver Lake Grass Carp article by Don Randolph
  News / Events Replaced 2013 Banquet Info with the Silver Lake Article
12/9/13 Home Added the 2014 State Picture
12/7/13 Home Removed the AL Seibert notification
12/3/13 News & Conservation Pages Added "Included in the Bylaws for the Washington State Bass Federation is a requirement that each Chapter participates in at least one Federation sponsored environmental/conservation project each year.  Participation shall mean a total of at least 20 man-hours with a minimum of four participating members. "
12/2/13 Officers Changed Don Randolph's email address based on a email form Russ
11/24/13 Home Added a link for the Yakima Herald story about Al - service December 7th
11/20/13 Home Noted that Al Siebert passed away today - no details known at this time
11/13/13 NW Divisional Posted the 2014 Dates
11/11/13 Home Corrected the names for the HS Champs and summarized the new rule changes from 11/9
  11/9/Minutes Posted the 11/9 Minutes
11/5/13 HS Conference Championship Posted the article from Dave about the results from Clear Lake.  You can get to it fron the top of the HS Page
  Home Changed the fron page to focus on the banquet
10/12/13 Bass Clubs Updated the president for  Puyallup
10/7/13 Officers Added Don Randolph's picture
  Oct Open Results Posted the Oct 5 - 6 Results
  Home "
10/2/13 Officers Added  Don Randolph as the Conservation Director
9/28/13 All Changed the link at the top of all pages from Dream Team Tourney to October Team Tourney
9/23/13 Home Posted the cancellation of the Dream Team
9/14/13 9/14 Meeting Minutes Added the Meeting Minutes
9/3/13 Home Added the Awards Banquet Info to the Front Page
  News / Events Added the Banquet info to  the News Page
  2013 Banquet Awards Banquet Flyer
8/26/13 Qualifier Info Final 2013 Standings
  Riffe Reasults Posted the Riffe Lake Results - no Pictures yet
  News / Events Qualifier Lakes for 2014 moved to alternates of Sammamish and Long lake due to permit conflicts - Long Lake location may change again
  Home Added Riffe Pictures
8/20/13 News / Events Added the 2014 Calendar
8/19/13 Home Added Riffe Lake Qualifier Info
  News / Events Indicated that the October 6th Junior Championship will be in 2014
7/6/13 Youth Replaced the Junior Angler Page with the Youth Page - based on what Dave told me at the Washington Qualifier
7/1/13 Home Changed John's picture and corrected the winning weight to 15.23 pounds
  Washington Results Added fish pictures .. thanks for the pictures Rachael corrected Dwayne Lyons and Steven Sherard
  Qualifier Info Corrected the standings - caused by the correction to Dwayne Lyons and Steven Sherard
6/30/13 Home used an old picture of Mchenry as a link to the Washington Results
  Washington Results Posted the 6/29 Washington Results - no pictures yet - Added Standings based upon an email from Russ Baker
  Qualifier Info Updated the Qualifier Standings
6/25/13 Dream Team Updated the schedule for the Dream Team Tournament
  Video Conferencing Instructions for using Video Conferencing
  News / Events Announcement for Video Conferencing
  Home Announcement under Federation News on the right
6/24/13 Home Added June 28th - 29th Lake Washington Info
6/17/13 Qualifier Info Added June 28th - 29th Lake Washington Info
6/2/13 Home Added local sponsors ( in alphabetical sequence ) on the bottom lower right
5/31/13 News / Events Updated the Head to Head proposal based upon an email from Gerald Dunn, replaced the Chelan Open cell with High School news
5/28/13 Jamboree Results 2013 Jamboree Results -
  Home Added pictures from the Jamboree
  Officers Removed Steve Norris as the Conservation Director based upon a email from President Russ Baker
5/22/13 Washington Qualifier Added a interactive map of Lake Washington  from Angling Technologies ( our sponsor) It currently doesn't work with Chrome, but it's fine with IE, Safari and Firefox.
  Sponsors Fixed the link for Fisher Brothers
5/21/13 Jamboree Program Added a draft of the Jamboree Program - the link is on the Jamboree Page
  Conservation Added the story about MT St Helens Riffe Lake Clean up
  Home Changed the front page with the Riffle Lake Clean Up
5/14/13 Sponsors Changed the logo and URL for Angling Technologies - removed the link on the Fisher Bros logo
  Officers Added Steve Norris as the Conservation Director
5/13/13 HS Championship Posted the HS State Championship Results
5/10/13 Junior Angler Added Dave's recount of the Junior tournament on Roosevelt
  NW Divisional Final standings - Aaron Echternkamp - 1st - Jordan Doucet -11th put their pictures on the front page
5/9/13 NW Divisional Added the Day 2 Results
5/6/13 News / Events Posted news from John Walech about new fees and inspection for Whatcom  & Samish
5/5/13 Home Changed the Dream Team to a 2 day tournament - also on the schedule for News / Events
5/4/13 Junior Angler Added the rest of the Pictures
5/3/13 Home Corrected the dates for the juniors
  High School Addedthe 2013 Rules ( word file)
5/2/13 Junior Angler Added the 2013 Junior State Championship Results - More Picture to follow after I get Dave's articles
  Qualifier Info Moved the message from Russ Baker from the front page to the Qualifier Page and made a Lake Washington Page with the Message from Russ
  Home Added the Junior Results
5/1/13 Roosevelt Results Added Pictures
  Sponsors Added Angling Technologies
4/30/13 Home Added the Presidents Message =- delete the 1st 3 lines from the schedule
4/29/13 Roosevelt Results Corrected the spelling for Watterson and added his big fish
4/28/13 Roosevelt Results Posted the Roosevelt Results - Pictures later in the week
  Qualifier Info Activated the link to Roosevelt Results and added the standings
  Home Changed the Front page to Focus on the Roosevelt Qualifier
4/24/13 TBF Championship Posted the 2013 TBF Championship Results
4/22/13 Home Added a Qualifier Update about the San Poil
  East Side Jr Membership Join a Club - East Side   Word Document
4/13/13 High School Replaced Requirements with new Requirements from Dave - added no Fee & made a link to Join a HS Club
  Join a HS Club New Word Document from Dave
  Junior Membership A New membership Form from dave
4/11/13 Home Posted Day 1 ( 4/11) Results
4/9/13 Home Added a link for theTBF Championship
  TBF National Championship TBF National Championship on Grand Lake
4/7/13 Home Added a link under National News to TBF gives you more in 2013 -also added this info to the Membership Page
  TBF Gives you more Added TBF Gives you more in 2013 from TBF
  News / Events Added a link to the Flyer for the 2013 Chelan Open
  Lake Chelan Open Added the Flyer for the Chelan Open
3/27/13 Junior Flyer Replaced the Junior Flyer with a new Flyer from Dave
3/26/13 Junior Membership Added a new entry form and made it a web page instead of a word document
  Junior Flyer Replaced the Junior Flyer with a new Flyer from Dave
3/24/13 Junior Membership Added a Word Document Junior Entry Form The Link is on the Junior Page
  Junior Angler Added Links for a Eastern and Western Junior Membership Form ( the Eastern Washington Form Doesn't Exist Yet)
  High School Replaced the High School info with new info from Dave
  HS Flyer Replaced the HS Flyer
  Home Changed the front page to announce that Video Coferencing is coming!
3/22/13 Junior Flyer Replace the existing flyer with a new Flyer from Dave
3/16/13 Meeting Minutes Posted the March 16th Minutes
  Head to Head Format Posted the Head to Head Format Flyer from the 3/16/13 Meeting
  News / Events Updated news / Events with info from the 3/16 Meeting
  Home Added the Proposed 3 tournament Proposal - Removed the Motel Picture
  Bass Clubs Added Wenatchee Valley
3/11/13 All Pages Changed the color for the links on all pages from dark blue to light blue based on comments from Charlie Cox that the blue with a black background was difficult to read
  Home Add a notice and a picture of the Quality Inn for Saturday's Meeting
3/10/13 Junior Entry Changed the pre practice from Friday to Saturday
3/3/13 High School Added a link for Online Registration now
2/28/12 Junior Angler Changed the Entry Form and Boaters Confirmation to Word Files ( Thanks Dave )
  High School Changed the entry deadline to April 30
2/27/13 Sponsors Added Battery Systems of Sumner as a Sponsor (15% Discount)
2/24/13 Home Added a link for 2013 Junior Qualifier Info under Federation New - deleted the oldest entry under Federation News Removed new by the newest TBF News entry
  Youth The Youth Page now points to  Junior and High School Pages
  Junior Angler Made a Junior Page.  Added Form and Launch info for Roosevelt along with info for starting a Junior Chapter under Junior Bass Clubs
  High School Made a High School Page - More info to add yet
2/21/13 Home Added Help TBF/SAF Win Grassroots Grant Funding under TBF National News & dropped of Sportsman Act of 2012 from 11/14/12.  Updated the 2013 Schedule with wording changes and new events 10/6 and Sept  HS Western Divisional from Dave Bruggman
  News/Events Posted the same schedule as on the Home Page
2/20/13 Bass Clubs Fixed Long Lake Bass Club email - which I screwed up on 2/10/13 and actually fixed thr email address for Jim Lind as the president.  Thanks Jim for letting me know!
2/18/13 News/Events Added a Link to Activist Angler covering the Snake and Columbia Smallmouth Regulations ( from BASS Times.
2/10/13 Bass Clubs Corrected Jim Lind's phone #
2/9/13 Bass Clubs Changed the President for Northend from Tyler to Jim Lind
1/30/13 Home Added a link to the 2013 High School new format announcement under TBF National News
1/12/13 Home Added a link (under TBF Announcements) for the 2013 HS Registration Begins
  2013 HS Registration Made a 2013 HS Fishing State Championship Registration Begins Page
  News Deleted old TBF Announcements - added a Link to the 2013 HS Registration Begins
1/9/13 Bass clubs Corrected the URL for Columbia Basin Bass club to
1/2/13 Home Added time and location for the Federation Meetings - on News and Minutes also
Changed NW Divisional dates from 6th - 10th to 5th - 10th based upon TBF announcement
  NW Divisional Made a 2013 NW Divisional Page
  2012 NW Divisional 2012 - Link is on the NW Divisional Page
12/27/12 Home Added 2012 In Review ( it will not show up on an iphone because it is a JAVA app)  - corrected the dates for the Roosevelt tournaments under Federation News - replaced the WSBF logo with the FLW/TBF Logo on the top left
  Officers Removed Gary Morris as the Web Master
12/6/12 News / Events Posted a picture of the new Aquatic Invasive Species signs being posted a some entry points to Washington state ( the picture came from Astoria, OR )
12/10/12 Officers Posted Keith Brooks as the Tournament Director
  Jamboree Made a 2013 Jamboree Page
12/5/12 Home Added camping info for Riffe Lake under Federation News
  Qualifiers Added get early reservations for Riffe Lake Camping
  2013 Qualifier Entry Form Added Cabela's Cash and Ranger Cup Boxes
11/29/12 Youth Added the press release about the August Junior Championship
11/27/12 Qualifiers Added info about the $500 raffle, Cabela's Cash and Pointer to the 2013 Rules and Entry
  2013 Qualifier Entry Form PDF File with the Entry Form
  2013 Qualifier Rules PDF Form with the Rules
11/26/12 Home Removed the Quick Links and added TBF National news
11/24/12 Home Added state team picture, banquet picture, Wolsky picture, 2013 schedule, Links for 2 TBF Announcements and a new counter (old counter was 3796 unique hits) Sponsors from TBF and deleted the picture from Banks
11/18/12 All Removed the link for Fishing Links and replaced it with a Link for Meeting Minutes on all Pages
  Meeting Minutes Made a Meeting Minutes Page with Links to Past Minutes
11/17/12 News / Events Posted TBF press release for the NBAA acquisition and the Division Championship Series and also posted the 2013 WSBF Schedule
11/15/12 News / Events Corrected the links to the November 10th meeting Minutes that pointed to the September 15 Minutes instead of the November 10th minutes and corrected the heading for the 2012 Schedule
  Bass Clubs Removed the link for Borderline and corrected the URL for Inland Empire
11/14/12 News / Events Posted the Award Picture from the 11/10/12 Banquet
11/13/12 11/10/12 Meeting Minutes Posted the 11/10/12 Meeting Minutes
  News / Events Put a link for the 11/10 Meeting on the News/Events Page
11/8/12 Home Put the notice for the 11/10 Federation meeting in Arlington
10/8/12 Oct 15 TBF Rod Offer Rod Offer for TBF Members ( Link is on News/Events )
10/7/12 Dream Team Results Posted the Results from the 10/6/12 Dream Team Tournament
  TBF Membership News 2013 TBF membership News Posted (Link on News/Events)
9/26/12 Sponsors Added VRXFishing as a Sponsor 20% discount on Rod Gloves
  News / Events Announced adding
9/17/12 Home Removed the Congratulations from the Front Page
  News / Events Added Links to the September 15th Minutes
  9/15/15 Meeting Minutes Federation Meeting Minutes
9/7/12 Youth Added the results from the Western States Conference Championship - Slater is 2nd
9/4/12 News / Events Added 2012 Banquet Info with a Link to the PDF Reservation Form from Jordan Doucet
  2012 Banquet Added the 2012 Banquet Flyer from Jordan Doucet
8/30/12 Qualifiers Added # of Fish by Angler to the Moses Lake Results
  Home Added a Congratulations to the State Champion
8/29/12 Qualifiers Added pictures from Moses Lake and the state team photo
8/26/12 Qualifiers Moses Lake Results and Final Results Posted - No Pictures Yet
8/24/12 Home Added a Marquee indication that the Moses Lake Launch site has been moved to Cascade Park
  Qualifiers "   "    "
8/22/12 Conservation Added the Vine Maple Place Day on Lake Tapps from the Puyallup Hawg Hunters
8/18/12 Qualifiers Added the link to the 2012 Qualifier Rules in the Qualifier Schedule Section
8/13/12 News / Events Deleted old events
  Youth Posted the news from the 2012 Junior World Championship
8/10/12 Youth More TBF Junior Championship info including the daily agenda
8/3/12 Youth Added the TBF Junior Championship announcement
  News / Events Added the TBF Junior Championship announcement
7/30/12 Home Moved the Junior information from the home page to the youth page -- Made the image of the fisherman on Banks smaller vertically
  Youth Added the Junior info from the front page
7/23/12 Youth HS Championship - High School Western Conference Championship in Utah announcement
  Home Changed the front Page until August 9th to show Junior Champs Info
7/6/12 Qualifiers Added Past Years Qualifiers - and a Moses Lake Results Section - and Moses info
7/3/12 Tri Cities Qualifier Added Award & 4 Fish Pictures - More Pictures to follow ......  All pictures Posted
  2012 HS Championship Posted the Results and Pictures from the HS Championship  ...  Corrected spelling on Kody Brooks
  Washington Qualifier Added Award Pictures
  News / Events Built Links to Qualifier Results and HS Championship
7/2/12 Home Removed the 2013 proposed schedule from the front page - it's still under news/events
7/1/12 Officers Added Dave Bruggman & Chris Bedwell
  Tri Cities Qualifier Corrected Russ Baker
6/30/12 Tri Cities Qualifier Corrected Mel Marchese
  Qualifier Standings Corrected Mel Marchese
  Tri Cities Qualifier Posted the Qualifier Results.  I was missing Mel Marchese's  results but posted it anyway.  It will be updated after I get Mel's results
  Qualifier Standings After 2 Qualifiers - but Missing Mel Marchese's Tri Cities Results
6/24/12 Officers Added Keith Brooks Picture
6/22/12 Officers Replaced Russ Bakers picture
  Officers Added pictures for the officers and directors - more to come - changed Russ Baker's email address to
6/20/12 Youth Added more info for the participants of the HS Championship from Dave.  Added  links at the top of the Youth Page to the various sections of the youth page
6/12/12 Most Pages Removed the frames HTML statement of Base= causing extra windows to pop up when viewing multiple pages - omitted doing this when I eliminated frames in early May
6/10/12 Youth More updates and corrections for the Washington State High School team tournament
6/8/12 Youth Update the HS info with Info from Dave Bruggman
6/5/12 Qualifiers Added the results from Washington ( showing Big Fish & # of Fish ) the link is at the top of the page
6/4/12 Dream Team Tourney Added the TBF Press Release to the Dream Team Tournament page
6/3/12 TBF Championship Corrected Chris Lambert's finish at the BFL
6/2/12 Youth Deleted March and April Event announcements
  Home Added the Proposed 2013 WSBF Tournament Schedule
  Events / News Added the Proposed 2013 WSBF Tournament Schedule
6/1/12 Youth Changed the contact point for the High School Tournament to Mark Gintert, TBF National Youth Director and deleted old info (ie April 20th state championship announcement)
  Dream Team Tourney Made a Dream Team Tournament Page
  Jamboree Added Teresa Borrayo to the 12- 15 year olds
  All Pages Added a link at the top for the Dream Team Tournament and deleted the link for Schedule
  Schedule Deleted this page and moved the info to Events / news
  Events / News Added info from the schedule page and deleted outdated info ( ie. Qualifier Entry form, etc)
5/29/12 Jamboree Posted all of the Pictures from the Jamboree
  Jamboree Posted Casting Results and Casting Pictures
5/28/12 Jamboree Included the Jamboree Results - clubs, individual, and youth.  Kids and adult casting later.   Pictures will be added in a few days
5/25/12 Home Added a WSBF favicon ( that's the WSBF Logo in the address bar)
5/24/12 Youth Added the results from the 4/29/12 Lake Washington state Championship
5/23/12 Tournaments Converted the Tournament Page
  Jamboree Made a Jamboree Page
  Youth Converted the Youth Page
  Schedule Combined the Tournament and schedule pages
5/22/12 Conservation Converted the Conservation Page
  Schedule Converted the Schedule Page
5/16/12 Change Log Added a Change Log Page - the link is on the Home Page - lower right
  Membership Converted the existing page to Fed_Membership.htm
  TBF Championship Added Pictures of the Anglers Advancing to the BFL All-American including Chris Lambert
  Sponsors Converted the Sponsors Page
  Fishing Links Converted the Fishing Links Page
  Events / News Converted the Events / News Page