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Our Bass Clubs Making a Difference!

The Long Lake Bass Club

Has Been Building Life Jacket Kiosk's!

Our first kiosk has been installed at Wildcat Lake instead of Long Lake County Park, in memory of 14 year old Trenten Morris who drowned while swimming in Wildcat lake.  We will build one at Long Lake at a later date.

From the Long Lake Club President Dan Anderson:   "Thanks to all our club members. Your willingness to help is proof that you are not just fishermen, but valuable members of our community. You bring honor to our club."

The kiosk work party. Ready for summer.

Leon and Jason starting the roof Frank cutting dados for cross braces Laying out bolt patterns

Bob laying out roof trusses Roof facia and trim goes on Rare to see a QA guy with big tools.

Digging the holes Men at work,while  Don freezes Lots of rebar

Ready for concrete Phillip with 80 pounds--- no problem. Bucket line to carry concrete down to lake. Kevin pours the footings

Going up Kiosk final sign and LLBC plaque in place

Special thanks for the hospitality of the park maintenance staff, John Lester, and Mike King for letting us dig holes in their park, and providing power and water. Special thanks to Lori Raymaker (KC County Parks Stewardship Coordinator) for being patient with us. Thanks to all the great members of LLBC who helped: Dan Anderson, Shaun Flanagan, Bob and Dorothy Steiner, Bev Baker, Kevin McCullum, Renee Richards, Phillip Whatley, Don Sanger, Frank Stricklin, Chris Raymaker, Jason Leib, Leon Lilly, Roger Mosely, Ron Kropp, and Paul Watson. We poured 1,900 lbs of concrete removed 16 cu ft of dirt, and donated a total of 88 manhours labor. Well done.

Kiosk Dedication 3 April  In Memory of Trenten Morris

The Kitsap Medical Society, Kitsap Safe Swimmers, CK Fire and Rescue, KC Parks, Long Lake Bass Club members, family and friends of Trenten attended the dedication ceremonies at Wildcat Lake on the 3rd of April. There was a large crowd despite the icy winds blowing in off the lake, as a testament to the dedication of those that wanted to honor Trenten's memory.


Coho Stream Cleanup

Garbage from the Blue Gate Garbage from the creek bank.

Mike is standing next to Little Anderson Creek After clean up. Chris, Simon, Frank,and Bill

Dan and Simon Jason and Tanner ready for action. Load o crap from big pile.

 Second site near Little Anderson Creek Teamwork Ron with his new antique refridgerator ready for restoration

Not everyone was glad to see the sofa hauled out. This has been oozing oil into the creek since the day it was dumped Watching for hazardous material on the big pile.

Special thanks to Lori Raymaker and Kitsap County for paying for the trash dump, and providing the bags. Special thanks to: Dan and Simon Anderson, Chris Raymaker (skipped golf to come and help), Ron Kropp, Jason and Tanner Leib, Frank Stricklin, Jessica, Aryah, and Cooper Campbell, and Bill Caldwell. The area we focused on is the headwaters of Little Anderson Creek.  All photos except two or three, courtesy Aryah Campbell

Long Lake Bass Club at it again!

Cooper with new friend

   WDFW is working to pass a bill that would harm the  

rights of everyone who enjoys recreational fishing.  

Everyone should be getting involved with this!

Send us your pictures and stories and we will post them!